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Female English teacher beat 19 students during class

Regarding the case where the English teacher was accused of beating students “as usual”, through working with the inspection team of the Education and Training Department of Chau Duc district (Ba Ria – Vung Tau province), teacher L. admitted to hitting 19 children of two 9th grade classes in every school hour.

On May 19, talking to PV VietNamNet, Mr. Le Thanh Kinh – Head of Education and Training Department of Chau Duc district said: “On the morning of May 18, at a direct meeting between the inspection team and the inspection team. of the district education department with the Board of Directors of Quang Trung Secondary School, teacher L. and related parties, Ms. L initially admitted to hitting a total of 19 children during class, but it was only a deterrent for the sake of her family. The families of the children who were beaten sent Ms. L. to “help” the children learn better, but did not have any comments. Particularly for the content that Ms. L. insulted students and unfairly scored, the inspection team is continuing to verify and clarify.

According to Mr. Kinh, the district education department has directed the Management Board of Quang Trung Secondary School to suspend Ms. L. from participating in the review for two 9th grade classes, to arrange another teacher to replace her.

“There are two weeks left for grade 9 to finish the course to prepare for the final exam, so in the immediate future to reduce pressure and create psychological stability for the students, the department has directed the school to let Ms. L stop taking charge. the review for those two 9th grade classes. After reviewing the level of violation, a review and discipline will be organized according to the process “- Mr. Kinh said.

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Content of articles and short clips posted on social networks. Photo: QH

As reported by VietNamNet, in the past few days on the social network Facebook, an article by the account “Khang Nguyen” has been spread with the content “accusing” of the designer’s name, repeatedly beating and insulting students during class. Attached is a short clip recording a scene where a female teacher, believed to be Miss L., used a wooden stick to repeatedly hit students.

According to the posted article, Ms. L. often insults the second grade 9 students during class with harsh words. In addition to hitting and insulting students, Ms. L. is also unfair in grading students who do not attend extra classes, because L. has an English center.

At the end of the article, this account said that it has been more than a month since it sent a letter and petition to the school principal to change the English teacher, but it has not been resolved.

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English teacher accused of beating students ‘as usual’The Department of Education and Training (GD-Training) of Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province has directed the verification and clarification of information that an English teacher at a secondary school in the area was “accused” of regularly hitting , insulting students during class time.

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