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“For the past 5 years, I dare not buy things that are too expensive”

Anh Tho is always considered as one of the most prominent faces of folk music at the present time. A series of songs associated with her such as: “Away from the sea”, “The song of the country river”, “The village of Quan Ho in my hometown”... helps Thanh Hoa’s vocalists assert their position and always have their own audience.

Anh Tho:

Singer Anh Tho. (Photo: NVCC)

On the evening of June 23, the live concert “Poetry” of singer Anh Tho will be held at the Viet-Xo Friendship Cultural Palace, Hanoi. “Poetry” is not only taken from the name of the singer, but also the poetic and romantic of the songs edited for the show, the songs associated with Anh Tho’s name and the love songs. classic romance that she first showed. In addition, “Poetry” is also a subtle way of calling when the female singer is the “muse” of folk music because she has contributed to “reviving” many old songs.

Sharing about the performance of the live show, Anh Tho said: “The entire budget for the organization is the money that I have saved after many years of singing. I am always meticulous and careful in my musical productions. During 5 Last year, I didn’t dare to buy things that were too expensive to have money for a show.”

Instead of inviting Trong Tan – who used to perform many songs with Anh Tho successfully, this time, the female singer chose artist Tan Minh for the reason: “We sang together too much, so when we did our own concert, After this concert, when invited, we will still appear together, and may also hold a joint concert in the near future. “.

Anh Tho also affirmed that, despite having many different singers and ways of singing, she still has loyal audiences over time: “I am always looking for new ways to sing, there are small details in songs, I put my own singing into it. Because of that, although there may be many singers performing a piece of music, I still have my own listeners.”

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