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Hard to believe for young gamers

19-year-old gamer Phan Van Dong has become the youngest athlete to date to bring the Vietnamese sports delegation a gold medal in the PUBG mobile content of e-sports at SEA Games 31.

This is an unexpected gold medal not only for Phan Van Dong and e-sports. Few expect this young gamer before the launch day SEA Games 31 because he is still very inexperienced against strong opponents from Thailand, Indonesia and Laos. But Dong did the unthinkable by playing confidently and focused. In the first 5 rounds, Dong is still ranked 28th out of 51 players, but he created a boom in the next 5 rounds to overcome the opponent from Indonesia with only 2 points, winning gold in surprise. mixed with the admiration of many people.

Hard to believe for young gamers - photo 1

Phan Van Dong with the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games

Giang Pham

Still feeling light-headed after this unbelievable victory, Phan Van Dong said: “Actually, I didn’t set myself a gold target because I knew the opponents were all very strong. I just promised myself that when I go to battle, I have to play my best and show my best ability to bring achievements to my country. I was encouraged, guided and encouraged by the spirit of my teachers and teammates, so I reversed the position. I’m so happy with this unbelievable but sweet win. I also know that at this point, I became the youngest athlete to bring high achievements to Vietnamese sports. That is the motivation for me to be more determined in the remaining content of the competition.”

Hard to believe for young gamers - photo 2

So far, Van Dong is the youngest person to win gold

Giang Pham

This result also exceeded the expectations of a gamer who had only been playing professionally for 3 years. The road to the pinnacle of e-sports Phan Van Dong It is very difficult to face the disapproval of the family. “My parents still didn’t know this was a sport when they saw me skipping meals and sleeping to play games and sometimes prevented me from coming to this sport,” Dong said. However, with his determination and passion, Dong was determined to practice to enter the professional path.

From his hometown Dak Lak, young gamer Pack a towel to Hanoi to join the capital’s team. Here, Dong started to make rapid progress and was honored to wear the national team shirt. He overcame a lot of pressure, trained himself to be mentally stable every time he went to battle to gradually become a “master” in the eSports village. From the SEA Games launch pad, Dong promises to win a high rank in the upcoming PUBG mobile tournament in Malaysia.

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