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I gave my son and his wife money to buy a house, but this statement from the daughter-in-law made me extremely surprised

May 19, 2022 07:10 GMT+7

I only have two sons, the older one is well off, so I don’t have to worry about it, and the younger one is just too long so I decided to buy him a house.

My husband and I are both retired officials, we have two sons, the eldest has been married for 5 years and now has two grandchildren.

My oldest son is in business, so the economy is fine, he already has his own house and car, so I don’t need to worry. Right now, my only concern is our youngest son, he works in engineering, but his career is still long.

Last year, when I turned 30, my youngest son got married, my daughter-in-law was 3 years younger than my son, a girl from a poor family but with a dignified, modest, easy-going personality.

To me, every child is the same, the daughter-in-law’s background does not say anything, the important thing is that the children live together happily, responsibly and love each other.

I gave my son and his wife money to buy a house, but this statement from the daughter-in-law made me extremely surprised

After marriage, the youngest couple decided to rent a house to live separately even though my house is also spacious. Although I am easy-going, never scrutinizing my children, but for some reason, I persuaded them forever but they still said they wanted to move out and live on their own.

We live separately, but every time we have a break, the two of us come home to visit us. I also said that the youngest daughter-in-law sometimes visits her biological parents to help her grandparents feel better.

I know that the daughter-in-law’s family in the countryside is difficult, has to take care of everything by herself, so she has a strong will to strive, is always optimistic in all cases, almost everything she has set out is determined to do. That’s why I respect the baby so much.

The only thing my son complains about is that his wife is too busy with work. In addition to the company’s work, he also works part-time, so he doesn’t have much time for his family. So sometimes I also delicately remind my daughter-in-law, but she says that she must try to buy her own house as soon as possible. Hearing that, I can only encourage the children, but I don’t know what to say.

Last month, the youngest daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby boy, I kept running back and forth to help the couple. I told her to go back to her parents’ house when she gave birth, wait until the child was strong enough to go out, but she refused.

Seeing that my children and grandchildren are living hard in a rented house while my house is spacious, I discussed with my husband that I will take the couple’s savings to give to the youngest couple to buy a house because they both have a home and I feel secure. than.

However, yesterday, after dinner, I offered to tell my children to go see the house, close the house and then my parents will give me money but without thinking, my daughter-in-law refused.

I thought he refused the “social” type, but getting money to buy a house from his parents is the dream of many people. Yet my daughter-in-law said it was our savings, so we kept the room in our old age.

My youngest daughter-in-law also said that the two of them are young and healthy, so they will strive to buy a house with their own strength, they don’t have money to give their parents, so who would take money from their parents to buy a house.

The youngest daughter-in-law really surprised me because she thought she was responsible for her husband’s family. I hugged my daughter-in-law and said really thank you life for letting her be my daughter-in-law. I will treat her like a daughter and stand by her side in any situation.

Indeed, nowadays, I am very happy to have a daughter-in-law who thinks for her parents-in-law and is independent like that. I will always be a strong spiritual support for my children.

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