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I was born with a “golden spoon”, but Ha Tang taught him in a “strange” way.

After becoming the bride of a monk, Tang Thanh Ha left showbiz to retire to fulfill the duties of a mother and wife. Currently, she is the mother of two lovely children, Richard and Chloe. Although her family is rich, Ha Tang has a simple and humble way of teaching her children that any parent can learn.

The child was born with a

Tang Thanh Ha is very active in showing off sweet moments and stories related to her children.

Teach your child to be independent

Tang Thanh Ha is not too secretive about her family’s daily life. Many of the children’s activities are regularly posted by the “pearl girl” on her personal page, making fans excited. In addition to the words of admiration for the happy and peaceful life as a bride in a proud place, the two children of the Ha Tang family also received many compliments when they were young for being very independent. It is the result of a thoughtful, careful and simple parenting process of Ha Tang and her husband.

The child was born with a

Through the daily moments of the two children posted by Ha Tang, it can be seen that the couple knows how to raise children. If the first son Richard is only 6 years old, he knows how to do small jobs, use English fluently and loves his mother very much, then the little princess Chloe also speaks foreign languages ​​fluently, plays at home very well.

The child was born with a

Despite being a “rich kid” since birth, it is easy to see that Ha Tang does not pamper her children. She taught her children self-discipline from a young age, not relying on their mother or having a maid like many other rich families.

The child was born with a

Ha Tang often drags her children to participate in baking, cooking, picking vegetables, and picking fruits. This makes the children more active in helping their mothers but also learn many life skills.

The child was born with a

This is shown in a situation shared by a mother of two. Accordingly, Chloe’s daughter, while washing her hands, saw some dirty items in the sink, so she took the initiative to clean up for her mother. Looking at the gentle and gentle way of washing the jars and bowls, it can be guessed that the baby has been guided and taught by her mother since childhood. Ha Tang herself was also touched by this moment, so she excitedly took a photo to show it off to everyone.

The child was born with a

Besides Chloe, brother Richard also often helps his mother take care of the vegetable garden. Not long ago, the actress surprised everyone when sharing the moment when her son went to the garden to pick vegetables to prepare dinner for his mother, making everyone feel warm instead of Ha Tang. Of course, Ha Tang’s family has a large amount of help, but she still wants her children to be self-sufficient, both to train themselves, and to explore everything around.

Teach me gratitude

Not only being independent, Ha Tang’s two children are also taught by their parents about gratitude. Recently, Ms proudly revealed about the “Gratitude Box” of our 2 maids. This is just a simple box with the words “My Gratitude Jar” (roughly translated as my gratitude jar). Inside the jar are a series of small blue and white pieces of paper with English words right away. short lines: “I’m grateful to have such a lovely family”, “I’m grateful to all the teachers for teaching me so many things at school”, “I’m grateful to you for giving me today allow my children to eat what I like”, “I’m grateful to life for waking up healthy today”…

The child was born with a

From those simple things but great effects, the two children of Ha Tang always know how to express that gratitude by their own actions of love and affection for those around them.

The child was born with a

With the little princess, at the age of 3, she made cards by herself, wrote letters for her father. Chloe writes very clearly: “Happy Father’s Day. I Love You” (roughly translated: Happy father’s day, I love you). Although the handwriting is still squiggly, for a 3-year-old child, self-writing is already very admirable.

The child was born with a

A few months earlier, Chloe had written her mother’s and baby’s names on a balloon. But her handwriting then was not as clear as it is now and more difficult to read. Even without Ha Tang’s explanation, it would be difficult for anyone to understand what he was writing.

Not only can she read and write early, but Chloe speaks English very well. Tang Thanh Ha’s whole family often uses this language to communicate with each other, maybe that’s why the two children speak English fluently from a young age.

With the eldest prince, your feelings are more clearly expressed and mature. Ha Tang once shared a moment when Richard was only 4 years old, but he sat at the table to help his grandmother wrap spring rolls. In particular, while the other children all left to play, Ha Tang’s son persisted in sitting down and working hard to help her. Not every 4-year-old can do this when they are still at the age of play.

The child was born with a

It can be seen that this is the way that the “pearl girl” directs her children to show gratitude for the simplest things in life. From there, children can express their thoughts and feelings to themselves, their families and loved ones. It is the simplest way for parents to foster good feelings for their children as well as express gratitude to those around them.

Knowing the meaning of this box, many people have expressed their admiration for the famous mother’s simple and unique way of raising children.

Ha Tang’s way is also the way to teach children of many billionaires

Billionaire Bill Gates is one of the most famous billionaires. As one of the richest people in the world, but contrary to the imagination of many people, the eldest daughter Jennifer of billionaire Bill Gates has a very simple life and never “slips” into faraway fun. flowers, party like many “rich kid” in the world.

Jennifer studied at Stanford University, a prestigious school in the top 5 of the best universities in the US. She studied human biology and was particularly interested in children’s studies.

The child was born with a

Billionaire Bill Gates and his daughter

“I have studied children, young people, the justice system, the childcare support system and many related topics. I am very interested in developing a healthy, happy state for children. children, especially children in the US. I find this extremely interesting, “- Jennifer shared.

In order for their daughter to have such a kind and warm heart, Bill Gates and his wife must have raised their children well.

When listening to musician Peter Buffett, the son of the world’s third richest billionaire Warren Buffett, talk about his father, many people were even more surprised. When they learned that he was the son of the third richest man in the world, people were shocked. “You look so normal” is a comment the youngest of the Buffett family often receives.

“During adulthood, we didn’t know what our father did. His job seemed a bit mysterious,” said Peter Buffett of his childhood.

The billionaire’s son himself only understood that his father worked with numbers, related to the stock market, but could not understand it all. They don’t even know how much their father owns a huge fortune.

The life of the Buffett family is normal and modest. The youngest son walks to the public school every day, learning English taught by his mother’s old teacher.

Of course, the simple life in a five-bedroom house that costs $31,500 in Omaha and the same education as most children from a normal family makes the Peters forget they have a billionaire dad.

It was not until the age of 25 that the composer understood the extent of his father’s wealth. At that time, he built a career on his own, leaning towards art instead of continuing his father’s investment career.

The child was born with a

Investment legend Warren Buffett with son Peter and daughter Susan Buffett. Photo: Getty Images.

Before that, Warren Buffett was an ordinary father with a simple lifestyle and good habits, which positively influenced his children’s conception of life. The third richest person in the world does not think that children should inherit the fruits of their parents’ labor. He did not use his wealth to provide his children with a luxurious life.

He considers that a happy lifestyle that does not come from his own work adversely affects children. The billionaire thinks the best way is to give his children enough money so that they feel like they can do anything, but not so much that they don’t want to work anymore.

He aims to teach his children to manage money and learn how to invest from an early age. According to Warren Buffet, children should be taught financial management from an early age.

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