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In Hanoi, there is a delicious dish to forget the sadness, but only in one place can it be sold

Thursday, May 19, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

This season, there is a dish that blooms from June to August, a famous dish of Hanoi, simple to make, but when you think about it, there is no other delicious dish like it. .

The famous imitation spring rolls of Khuong Thuong village

It’s imitation fried rice – a famous specialty of Khuong Thuong village (Hanoi). Once upon a time, the “brand” dish of Mrs. Com Khuong Thuong peddling was quite famous throughout the old quarter of Hanoi.

In Hanoi, there is a delicious dish to forget the sadness, but only in one place can it be sold - 1

Khuong Thuong village’s delicious and unique grilled pork dish has been around for many years. Illustration.

Mrs. Com usually wears a brown dress, a scarf, and chews betel nut with her mouth. Called street vendors, but mostly patrons who pre-ordered with her. At that time, Hanoi didn’t have many houses with phones, so every day, on time, on time, Mrs. Com came to the house, opened the basket, delivered the goods – wrapped in fake ham, accompanied by a bottle of sweet and sour sauce with a hint of tomato flavor. Very attractive stalk.

In Hanoi, there is a delicious dish to forget the sadness, but only in one place can it be sold - 2

Frog rolls with guise leaves are very delicious and full of flavor. Illustration.

Khuong Thuong village used to grow rice in the south of Thang Long citadel (Hanoi). Khuong Thuong village’s land is low-lying, with many swampy fields, many crabs, many snails, eels, and frogs… which is also the “charming” of starting two famous specialties of the village. One is fake fried rice, the other is snail noodle soup (we will talk about it in the next post).

Only the Khuong Thuong people are skilled at cooking, and there are not many people in the village who keep the job – and one owner shared that the imitation meat of Khuong Thuong people created 9 dishes, from stir fried. from fried to fried and now even fake hotpot.

Crispy fried pork rolls is a traditional dish of Khuong Thuong village. The fat pans were boiling, the frogs were breaded, and the balls were round and flat like donuts – but it wasn’t puffy like a doughnut, it was just breaded imitation meat – and the smell was very special. , has a fragrant, elegant look than other seafood meat dishes.

In order for the imitation meat to bring up that attractive aroma, only the Khuong Thuong people can do it professionally. The shop owner revealed that he had to choose fresh imitations. Early in the morning, the collected areas must be quickly cleaned, washed thoroughly with salt, and dried before processing. If not drained but processed immediately will be very fishy.

Then classify. Crispy fried imitation is marinated whole with turmeric, onion, garlic, pepper, fish sauce, main noodles and a little bit of fried flour. Shredded scallops, mixed with fresh chili, pepper, minced dried onions, delicious fish sauce, main noodles with a little flour and then pelleted. All fried once. When customers come to the table to order, they will re-fried until crispy. Sprinkle with sliced ​​lemon leaves and you’re done.

Now, the Khuong Thuong people all use flour and main noodles, so that for gourmets, it is no longer “delicious and sweet: like before, making Hanoi gourmets still crave, copy their mouths, nostalgic for flavor. the taste of the old days.

The people of Khuong Thuong make a living by many occupations: making wine, making rice rolls, working as carpenters, bricklayers… Khuong Thuong market still has traces of the village market, meeting according to the old session. But the famous aquatic breeds are nowhere to be found. A time when it was very rare to collect imitations in the suburbs of Hanoi. Maybe they can’t live on the roofs of buildings that are getting thicker and thicker, entwining the alleys. Ponds, fields become houses. The small rest of the place is filled with pesticides and herbicides. If all the crabs, snails, fish, shrimp, and frogs are dead, the frogs will survive. So the imitation spring rolls become a rare treasure.

In Hanoi, there is a delicious dish to forget the sadness, but only in one place can it be sold - 3

Grind the imitation meat to make the fake sausage, pay attention not to grind it thoroughly, but it will be broken, just grind it just enough to stick it. Illustration.

Mrs. Com Khuong Thuong heard that she passed away a long time ago. Now, Mrs. Com’s descendants still inherit the house selling imitation sausages to customers near and far. Imitation from the countryside far from Hanoi, convenient means of transport, so the source of goods is now richer.

But if you want to enjoy imitation pork rolls in the ancient village of Khuong Thuong, to regain some of the old taste, the owners of Khuong Thuong’s imitation sausages are still graciously welcoming.

Imitation meat 9 dishes must be eaten very hot, each dish must be accompanied by a bit of young lemon leaves to taste.

Now, people in the street are often bored with delicious dishes, so many people try to go to Khuong Thuong village, searching every corner to taste the local gifts, even though the taste is not the same as before.

How to make fake fried pork rolls and fried pork thighs


– 500g of imitation meat, skinned and gutted

– 300g of raw ham

– 200g ground pork fat

– 100g ground pork

– Tapioca flour, deep-fried flour, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar, seasoning seeds, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, onions, dill, lime leaves, marjoram, chili, vermicelli.


Clean pre-processed clones. Choose the big one, cut the thigh meat, let it dry, then marinate the seasoning seeds, the main noodles, let it soak for a while to make a deep-fried breaded dish.

The small one and the part he clones are ground into small pieces, then put in a mortar and pounded to make patties.

The imitation meat is pureed, mixed with raw ham, ground pork, ground fat, dill, scallions, minced chili. Season with a little of the main noodles, add a little tapioca starch and mix well.

Preparing to fry

Frying the leg meat: Mix fried flour, add tapioca flour and stir well (should be mixed, the imitation meat will stick more flour).

Pour a lot of fat and bring to a boil, dip the thigh meat in the flour mixture and fry it, take it out to cool and store it in the refrigerator. When I eat it, I will take it out and fry it again.

Frying fried pork patties: Puree the imitation meat, squeeze the big and thin pieces of pork, the thinner the better, put them in a pan filled with oil and fry and store as breaded ham.

Mix fish sauce: 3 spoons of fish sauce, 4 spoons of sugar, 1 bowl of warm water, 3 spoons of vinegar, minced chili, finely chopped lemon leaves, season to taste.

When eating, remove the fake ham, breaded fake thigh meat, and fry it to a crispy golden color. The imitation spring rolls must be eaten very hot with chopped leaf vermicelli, and delicious marjoram.

In Hanoi, there is a delicious dish to eat, but it's only available in one place - 4

Chopped guise leaves to make fake spring rolls with guise leaves. Illustration.

Non-fake rolls with guise leaves


– Piper lolot

– Imitation meat.

– Lemongrass, black fungus, purple onion, spices.


The clones choose the big ones, remove the legs, head, intestines and skin, take only the back and two fat thighs, wash and remove fishy. Then mince it with a little salt, sugar and lemongrass.

Mushrooms, onions, clean, minced.

Mix well minced mushrooms, onions and frogs, use your hands skillfully to roll into betel leaves, insert small bamboo toothpicks to fix guise leaves and easy to manipulate when frying.

Remember to wrap your hands tightly lest the wrapping leaves fall off.

Heat a pan of hot oil, fry the patties in turn over medium heat (if frying on low heat will be tough, frying on high heat will easily burn, dry meat and loss of taste). Just fry and cook until cooked evenly.

When the guise leaves begin to scorch the edges and change color, take them out on absorbent paper to drain. When to eat, put on a plate.

Lot leaves imitation spring rolls should be eaten hot. When eating, it should be dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce with red chili, white garlic.

The finished product is crispy on the outside, soft and sweet and fragrant on the inside. Once you eat it, you can’t forget it.

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