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Japan welcomes tourists from the end of May

Long Nguyen (Resident of Vietnam Television Station in Japan)Thursday, May 19, 2022 11:18 GMT+7

Japan will start piloting the opening of the door to foreign tourist From the end of May. However, in the immediate future, Japan only applies to a few countries with a small scale, but this will be a premise for the tourism industry to resume operations in the near future.

The Nikkei newspaper said that Japan will pilot open the door to foreign tourists from four countries: the US, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. Initially, Japan will only accept a limited number of visitors to check the impact of the epidemic before introducing further reopening measures. Conditions to be able to travel to Japan and must be vaccinated with 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine and travel under the package program of Japanese tour operators.

Promoting the recovery of tourism activities is considered necessary, but safety is still a top priority for Japan when carrying out pilot activities opening to foreign tourists.

According to the Mainichi newspaper, to prepare for the pilot operation to open the door to foreign tourists, the Japanese tourism agency will work with tour operators to discuss necessary epidemic prevention measures for trips, requirements for travel and tourism. such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance will still be practiced.

In addition, to ensure epidemic prevention, the Japanese Government will discuss with local authorities to agree on a number of places that foreign tourists can visit during this first pilot phase of opening.

Japan welcomes tourists from the end of May - Photo 1.

Japan will start piloting the opening to foreign tourists from the end of May.

Along with the pilot opening to foreign visitors, Japan also eased entry restrictions and made entry more convenient, but recovery to pre-COVID-19 will require a lot of time.

JiJi news agency said, according to the forecast of the travel agency in JapanTourism will resume smoothly as vaccination rates against COVID-19 become widespread and quarantine measures are lifted.

Travel businesses expect tourism activity to recover 40% in 2022, 65% in 2023, 80% in 2024 and reach pre-COVID-19 levels by 2025.

The Japanese tourism industry has repeatedly urged the government to allow more foreign tourists to enter. However, in the opinion of the authorities, tourism activities will only be opened in phases, ensuring the two factors of economic recovery and disease prevention.

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