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Just married a month, my husband got angry and asked me to give him all his salary cards

I have a hobby of shopping. Women, who are all like that. Sad, I go shopping; happy, I go shopping; I couldn’t sleep, I went online to hunt for sales. So even though I make a lot of money (more than 30 million per month), I still don’t have much to spare. Over 30 years old, in my hand I only have more than 50 million saving money stop. I also hesitated to think, but then I clicked my tongue again as long as satisfying my passion is a happy life.

Recently, however, my husband asked me to hand over his salary card to him when he was only a month old. Of course I don’t agree. Who would hand over the key box to her husband? Before my wife’s resolute and stubborn attitude, my husband angrily shouted: “Look at this pile of things. Then every day a delivery man comes. Every time I get angry, I swipe my card a few million silver. If I keep spending like this, I’ll have a day out on the street.”

I froze at my husband’s argument. I think about women shopping enthusiast It’s too normal, as long as I restrain myself, why do you keep asking to keep my wife’s salary card? Let alone a man holding his wife’s money is not satisfactory at all.

Last night, my wife and I had a serious conversation. I admitted the mistake and promised to fix it by not buying anything else for a month. But my husband don’t trust wife because I think I will be “in the habit of spending”. He forced me to make a commitment before continuing to let me keep the money.

I’m tired of my husband’s demands too. What do I have to do to make you trust me to change?


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