LIVE FOOTBALL U23 Vietnam – U23 Malaysia: 19h00 on VTV6, SEA Games 31 semi-final

As the host country of the tournament, although the current generation of players is not really appreciated by the senior class, U23 Vietnam is still considered a top candidate for the championship. The position of the young king of Southeast Asia helped U23 Vietnam have a perfect opening match and win jubilantly against another championship candidate, U23 Indonesia with a score of 3-0.

However, except for the opening match to confirm their position, the remaining 3 matches, the U23 players in Vietnam showed a lot of their problems, especially the finishing stage is the most serious. Against opponents that are much weaker than U23 Myanmar, U23 Timor-Leste and U23 Philippines, U23 Vietnam only scored 3 more goals, including 1 match.

On the opposite side of the field, miscalculation and subjectivity led to U23 Malaysia being held to a draw by Cambodia in the last match of Group B. This disastrous draw caused U23 Malaysia to lose its first place in Thailand and meet U23 Thailand. The challenge is too great in finding tickets to the final when they have to face U23 Vietnam in the semi-finals.

Expected lineup U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia

U23 Vietnam: Van Toan; Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh; Van Xuan, Hoang Duc, Hung Dung, Hoang Anh, Van Do; Tien Linh, Van Tung

Malaysia U23: Arzri Ab Ghani; Azrin Afiq, Harith Haiqal, Azam Azmi, Syahir Bashah, Mukhairi Ajmal, Nik Akif Syahiran, Danial Asri, Mukhairi Ajmal, Luqman Hakim, Hadi Fayyadh

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