Lo Thi Hoang won gold medal at SEA Games

An ethnic Thai girl from Son La, Lo Thi Hoang won the 17th gold medal in the javelin throwing event.

After breaking the record sea ​​Games In the content of throwing javelin, the girl from Son La Lo Thi Hoang ran to the corner of the stand where the whole family was waiting. The Thai national athlete hugged her mother and burst into tears of joy.

“I was very surprised with this achievement because the two competitors from Thailand were very strong. They won the gold medal in the previous SEA Games and the last few SEA Games I lost to Thailand.

Before the SEA Games, I was injured, my performance was weak, again due to the COVID-19 epidemic, I couldn’t attend the tournament, there was no domestic tournament so I couldn’t check my performance. Fortunately, teachers and family are always encouraging, by my side.” Lo Thi Hoang was moved.

Tears of a Thai ethnic girl after a special gold medal-1
Son La girl sobbed with her mother in joy (Photo: Dac Huy)

Sharing more about her historical success, Lo Thi Hoang said: “For me, the role of mother cannot be overstated. When I’m tired, can’t exercise, and the pressure is too much, I call back to my mother to receive encouragement and protection.

My parents told me to try hard, because we are ethnic people, few people can go to school and so we have to try.

The fact that my parents came down from above to watch me compete was a great motivation because, as everyone knows, it is not easy to get down here. This gold medal is dedicated to my parents.”

Tears of a Thai ethnic girl after a special gold medal-2
Athlete Lo Thi Hoang performs her javelin throwing competition (Photo: Dac Huy)

Sharing about the pressure after seeing his teammates in the Vietnamese track and field team consecutively reaping successes in the previous competition days, the 25-year-old athlete said: “Waiting for the final exam days to play, it is very stressful. Last night and this afternoon I also had a hard time sleeping, unable to sleep. Luckily, when I went out to play, I got a gold medal.

The second time I attended the SEA Games and the first time 3 years ago I got a silver medal, still behind the athletes of Thailand. Unexpectedly and fortunately I beat them today. My best achievement ever was 56m15 at the 2018 Congress.

This July is exactly 10 years of my sports career, many hardships and injuries have come, but I overcame it.”

Tears of a Thai ethnic girl after a special gold medal-3
Lo Thi Hoang on the podium receiving the medal (Photo: Dac Huy)

Currently, Vietnamese athletics has won 19 gold medals and can still improve until the last day of this subject on May 19.

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