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Metaway Holdings chooses Corex as a strategic consultant to become a digital economy corporation

On May 17, 2022, Metaway Holdings Joint Stock Company and Corex together signed a strategic consulting contract, aiming to contribute to Metaway Holdings becoming a leading digital economic group in Vietnam and reaching out to the world. .

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Accordingly, Corex Business Solutions Joint Stock Company will advise on development strategies, brand strategies, marketing strategies and communication strategies for Metaway Holdings, a real estate ecosystem. Metaway Land digital asset, Metaway Finance digital financial ecosystem with typical projects are Pindias – Digital real estate floor, Rapital Bank – digital bank.

According to Mr. Tran Nam Chung, Chairman of Metaway Holdings, the Global Digital Report 2022 shows that currently globally connected devices are 26.5 billion; world number of users (Internet connection) from 18-54 years old is 3.8 billion; The scale of the digital economy accounts for about 15.5%, equivalent to 12.7 trillion USD of global GDP. Along with that, today’s global citizens are very familiar with issues of online payment, purchase, new financial technologies, emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, AR, VR, IoT… shows the great potential of the digital economy that Metaway Holdings’ investment fields are focusing on developing.

After the process of understanding the capacity and development needs, Metaway Holdings Digital Economy Group and Corex Business Solutions Joint Stock Company officially signed a strategic consulting contract to contribute to turning Metaway Holdings into a Group of Companies. leading digital economic group in Vietnam and reaching out to the world. The event is expected to contribute to marking the participation of technology companies and corporations in Vietnam in the digital economy of Vietnam and the world. This will open a new wave for technology companies and other corporations to participate in the digital economy with many different fields and industries, contributing to the common prosperity in the global digital era. .

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Sharing at the signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Nam Chung emphasized, “With the aspiration to build a digital economy corporation on a global scale, we need to cooperate with partners who have the capacity and experience to deploy the digital economy. Strategic consultant, has extensive relationships with many reputable experts and organizations, and especially has advised on projects of similar stature to those that Metaway Holdings is implementing. We strongly believe and hope this strategic cooperation will bring many great achievements to the stakeholders.”

Ms. Nguyen Hoai Thu – Executive Chairman of Corex Business Solutions Joint Stock Company also said, “We see a great desire of Metaway Holdings in creating pillars for the digital economy – a coin inevitable trend of Vietnam and the world, this creates the inspiration for us to participate in this project. We will join Metaway Holdings on the challenging path from the first steps with excitement, responsibility and discipline to create sustainable and lasting development.”

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In 2021, the world will witness the explosion of the digital economy, reflected in the extremely large amount of data circulating on the internet system and impressive numbers: the size of the global IoT market in 2020 is 308 .97 billion USD, is expected to grow from 381.30 billion USD in 2021 to 1,850 billion USD in 2028 and the annual growth will be 25.4% during 2021-2028.

In Southeast Asia, the digital economy is forecast to reach $1 trillion by 2030 after adding 60 million new internet users since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic. The above figures have partly shown that the digital economy is no longer an “abstract concept” but has become globally popular.

In that context, the development of the digital economy and digital society has become an inevitable trend for all countries, including Vietnam. As a developing country, with a dynamic economy in the region, based on strengths in information technology and telecommunications, Vietnam’s digital economy has great potential and is expanding, gradually. become an important driver for achieving the sustainable development goals; contributing to increasing the resilience of the domestic economy to external influences (such as the Covid-19 pandemic, …)

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With positive signs about the potential for digital economic development in Vietnam, the Metaway Holdings digital economy research and development project is underway, aiming to create the foundation for the group’s leaps forward in the economic field. digital economy in particular and Vietnam’s digital economy in general.

Established in 2021, Metaway Holdings is a digital economy corporation built and operated under capital mechanism, headquartered in the US and has offices in many countries around the world including Vietnam.

The goal of Metaway Holdings is to create the pillars of the digital economy, including Technology, Finance, Healthcare and Real Estate to help people get more convenient health care, easy to do business, invest, trade, and connect with digital citizens on a global scale.

Corex Business Solutions Joint Stock Company is a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam combining strategic consulting and project implementation. Corex has accompanied, participated in consulting, implementing and investing in nearly 200 large and small projects stretching from North to South, as well as providing strategic advice to business partners – large domestic and international corporations, Big cities have advantages in tourism…

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