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Mom called and told me to go home, don’t fight

Recently, Miss H’Hen Niê and the producer released the first film in which she played the main role, titled 578: The bullet of the madman. Talking about this first role, H’Hen Niê shared many interesting things.

I was quite pressured when I received the movie

After watching her first movie, how does H’Hen Niê feel?

Before the movie premiere, I was very nervous, looking forward to my appearance on the film. When I went to the cinema to watch the movie, I was extremely excited about the scenes I made. When the movie ended, I was even more proud because I tried my best in my first role.

Miss H'Hen Nie aged 30: I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married - Photo 1.

With the first role, many people often do not like this place and want to do it again, does H’Hen Nie have such feelings?

I’m very satisfied with all my appearances in the movie, there’s not a single scene that I don’t like. There’s only a little bit of fighting, martial arts makes me feel a little bit, but anyway I’m proud that I tried my best.

In terms of acting, I act naturally, no matter what happens outside, it’s the same in the movie.

Does H’Hen Nie think that the director invited him to act in a movie just because of his fame and name?

That day, the director invited a lot of movie castings, not just me. I went to the casting like everyone else and tried my best. Although I didn’t know how to act at that time, I was able to express the emotions the director asked for. I really want to be cast.

It wasn’t until a year later that I was given the role and called to receive the script. I was so happy, I felt like I wanted to burst.

Initially, I was quite pressured to receive the film. I am a goldfish brain, forget quickly so it is difficult to remember the script. But after reading deeper and getting a feel for the characters, things got easier for me.

Miss H'Hen Niê aged 30: I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married - Photo 3.

I had to endure many hardships, obstacles, and cold

Is H’Hen Nie afraid that the movie’s revenue will not meet expectations?

Audiences who come to see the film will see that the investment from the producer is huge. This film costs a lot of money and contains the passion of the filmmaker. Everyone should come support us and I think the movie will do well.

H’Hen Niê’s first role is a female character, does H’Hen Niê want to follow this path after the success of the film?

I am very passionate about fighting, playing an action character, so I also want to follow this path.

I remember, one time I filmed a scene where I was beaten and bruised and then sat in the pouring rain, the temperature was still 9 degrees. However, looking at everyone in the team, I told myself I had to fight harder, more fiercely and do better.

I had to endure many hardships, obstacles, and cold while filming this film, but I never wanted to give up or thought of not acting again. There was a time when I had a cramp that I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t walk, but I still wanted to hit it.

Besides herself, whose role does H’Hen Niê like the most in this movie?

In this movie, each person has certain interesting and unique characteristics. Apart from my role, I find the male lead to be very cool.

Miss H'Hen Niê aged 30: I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married - Photo 4.

The male lead is played by actor Alexandre Nguyen. His acting is very emotional and shows a strong, masculine character. I and everyone else like his masculinity.

Is H’Hen Nie afraid of losing the image of a beauty queen when playing a fighting role in the movie?

Acting in movies is passion and acting is a must. When acting, I want to do my best to play the role, to give my best to the audience. But that’s only in the movies, in real life I’m still H’Hen Niê, a girl who likes to make videos of eating and participating in social activities. I clearly define my passion for work, career and personal life.

This role is completely different from me in real life, I follow closely what the author writes about the character.

Mom called to tell me to go home, don’t fight at all

After this movie, does H’Hen Niê plan to study more acting to pursue a professional acting career?

I have considered that. I want to learn more about acting, martial arts, and physical strength to increase my professional skills and endurance. I have to improve all my skills.

I even finished filming the upcoming new movie. On the second shot, I chose a more psychological role to try new things, see if I can do well.

When participating in this film, does H’Hen Nie’s mother have any opinion when she sees H’Hen Nie being beaten and bruised like that?

When I acted in the first scenes, I was beaten continuously, my mother even called to ask why I was beaten so badly, told me to go home and not fight anymore. My mother loves me so much that she said so. But then, she understood, so she didn’t say anything more. In the future, I will invite my mother to watch this movie again.

Miss H'Hen Niê aged 30: I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married - Photo 5.

My boyfriend is very supportive of me acting. She really liked my enthusiasm. When she finished watching the movie, she showed interest and praised me for playing the role well.

Does having to perform many dangerous and vulnerable action scenes make H’Hen Nie worried for fear of affecting the beauty of a beauty queen?

Before acting, I always pray for peace and do well in the role. Close actions that are shy and afraid that they will not hit well, so they have to open them up and get beaten up no matter where they go. I’m not worried or scared at all.

What is the salary for this first film of H’Hen Nie?

I don’t pay attention to the salary because everything is in charge of the management company. I only act with passion and enthusiasm, so I don’t think much about the paycheck.

Besides, I see that the producer has invested a lot in the film, so I don’t care about the salary anymore. Everyone is having to worry too much about the cost of the movie, I shouldn’t ask for the salary.

I have to work to get out of poverty before I get married

After this movie, does H’Hen Nie plan to get married and get married?

Right now, I haven’t considered that. I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married. Of course, many people get married and still work, but I think it’s time for children and family.

Since childhood, I have had many passions and dreams. I had to overcome many difficulties to fulfill my dream and that fire was still burning in me so I put my family aside for now.

Even in love, I also want to know someone who is like me, has the will, is independent and progressive for both of us to try. I like people like that.

In the first place, I didn’t want to get married early to take care of my family and myself. To date, I feel all wishes fulfilled, I will get married. Of course, getting married does not mean stopping, I continue to pursue my ideals but accompany my family.

Miss H'Hen Niê aged 30: I had to work to get out of poverty before I got married - Photo 6.

H’Hen Niê once broke up with H’Hen Niê and then returned, is it because she doesn’t want to get married at this time?

No, the up and down love story is fate, no one knows in advance. Everyone has to go through difficulties in love.

In her later acting work, H’Hen Niê had to interact and play emotional scenes with many other actors. Is H’Hen Nie afraid that this will affect her love life?

I’ve always been aware that when filming a movie, I’m immersing myself in the role, not living it out. I live my life to the fullest with the role, but my private life is still mine, completely separate.

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