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My sister cried while watching a movie about Trinh Cong Son

Ho Chi Minh CitySinger Trinh Vinh Trinh – Trinh Cong Son’s sister – cried while watching the image of a young musician in the movie “Em and Trinh”.

Trinh Vinh Trinh met the cast at the premiere of the work on May 18. She was touched when the trailer was shown, recreating the youth of Trinh Cong Son and his music lovers. On stage to express his feelings, the singer took a moment to choke. She said the family had been told by the film crew that one day before that they were going to watch the film and the children and grandchildren all cried because “missing Uncle Son”. “Watching Avin Lu play the role of Son in his youth, or Tran Luc playing him in middle age, many childhood memories rushed back to me,” said the late musician’s sister.

My sister cried and missed Trinh Cong Son

Trinh Vinh Trinh cried and missed Trinh Cong Son at the premiere of “Em and Trinh”, on the afternoon of May 18. Video: Mai Nhat

Me and Trinh spent part of the time building the story of Trinh Cong Son’s family. Trinh Vinh Trinh was invited to comment on the script. The singer said that when Trinh Cong Son was 18 years old, his father died, leaving only his mother and seven younger brothers. From there, he learned how to grow up to cover his family soon. Once, in the middle of a sunny day, he went to his father’s grave to sit all day and then fell ill. After he recovered, he asked his mother to buy a guitar to write music. The first compositions of the musician were born in that period.

Trinh Vinh Trinh engraved his teachings. He used to buy a lot of books to read and teach the children. He forced the five girls to learn to walk every morning with a book on their heads, to walk gracefully and gracefully. Musicians always respect etiquette, or instruct children not to pick up food in front of adults during meals, not to rest their hands on the table when there is a superior. Trinh Cong Son keeps a simple lifestyle. In the house, he can sit in any corner, idly playing and writing music. Those memories were collected by her, becoming documents for actor Avin Lu to play the musician.

Singer Trinh Vinh Trinh - Trinh Cong Son's sister and husband - businessman Nguyen Trung Truc at the movie premiere on the afternoon of May 18.  Photo: Thanh Huyen

Singer Trinh Vinh Trinh – Trinh Cong Son’s sister and her husband – businessman Nguyen Trung Truc at the movie premiere on the afternoon of May 18. Image: Bar suspension

Following the film crew during the filming days in Da Lat and Hue, Trinh Vinh Trinh was touched by the team’s dedication to the project about her brother. The producer said that the film was invested 50 billion VND, took 5 years to prepare. The work includes 40 key actors, 3,000 public roles, and many scenes stretching from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City during the 1960s and 1990s. About 1,000 costumes were used over two months of filming.

Tran Luc - the main role - re-creates the image of the late musician in the film.  Artist meets actor Nakatani Akari - plays Michiko Yoshii, one-time lover of Trinh Cong Son.  She is a Japanese YouTuber, living and working in Vietnam for six years.  The two have many scenes together, recreating the late 1980s, when Michiko went to Vietnam to meet Trinh Cong Son, the author she admires.  Master thesis and music Trinh Cong Son is the bridge for their love.  Deeper feelings, both decided to get married.  Cultural differences cause distance, the wedding was canceled but the two still maintain their friendship.

Tran Luc meets actor Nakatani Akari – plays Michiko Yoshii, one-time lover of Trinh Cong Son.

During the premiere, the actors shared about the pressure to transform into famous characters.

When invited to audition for Me and Trinh, Despite being away from the big screen for 10 years, artist Tran Luc accepted the offer without reading the script. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City for casting, he was asked by director Phan Gia Nhat Linh: “Do you dare to play with this movie?”.

* The cast of “Em and Trinh” debuted in the movie

The veteran artist had to force weight according to a nutritionist, from 73 kg to 60 kg, to slim like a musician. Tran Luc was also asked to grow his hair long and speak with a Hue accent, learn more French to have a style like the archetypal character. “The day I returned to the crew before filming started, the director was shocked because I was like his image of Trinh Cong Son,” he said.

Bui Lan Huong – close singer Khanh Ly – was the first actor chosen in the project. When she accepted the role, she sent a letter to ask Khanh Ly directly about how to dress, do hair… so that it would be the same as before. She practiced with musician Duc Tri to show the singer’s style in the early years of singing.

She said: “I was prepared to accept compliments and criticisms. I thought I would be criticized by the audience, but when the trailer was released, I was surprised because I read many positive comments.”

Director Phan Gia Nhat Linh admitted to being reckless when he accepted to make a biopic, because this genre was not yet popular in the country. He said: “Since the film has not been filmed, I have been subjected to many criticisms from the audience. I accept and hope the film succeeds so that the producers have the motivation to do similar works.”

Movie Me and Trinh recreate Trinh Cong Son’s youth with love stories, music and travels around the country. The film was shot in early November 2020, once scheduled to be released in 2021 – the 20th anniversary of Trinh’s death – but had to be postponed because of the epidemic. The work has an estimated budget of 40 billion VND, after filming is 50 billion VND, mainly invested in the context from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Director Nguyen Quang Dung works as a production consultant. He is the son of the late writer Nguyen Quang Sang – one of Trinh Cong Son’s close friends during his lifetime. Trinh Cong Son’s family said that he had contributed ideas to the crew about the script but respected the director’s own creativity.

The main trailer of the movie 'Em and Trinh'

Trailer “Em and Trinh” – out in theaters on June 17. Video: Galaxy

Mai Nhat (image: Bar suspension)

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