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New Zealand is ready to welcome Vietnamese students back 2 months earlier

Vietnamese students can start applying for student visas from August 1, 2022.

This creates favorable conditions for Vietnamese students to apply for their student visa (Student visa) two months earlier than expected.

Grant McPherson, CEO of ENZ commented: “This is an important step forward, sending a strong message that, New Zealand is ready to fully reopen to the world, including international education. We look forward to welcoming students from all over the world to come and discover New Zealand’s great education.”

In this latest announcement, the New Zealand Government also announced some adjustments to the Post-Study Work Rights (PSW) – the right that allows international students to stay and work after graduation in the country.

Specifically, when studying full-time in New Zealand for at least 30 weeks, students will be eligible to apply for a PSW visa for Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor Honors (Bachelor Honors) training programs. ‘ degree), Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree or Doctoral degree.

For international students enrolled in Level 7 non-degree programs or below, including Graduate Diplomas or Level 7 Diplomas, learners will be eligible for PSW visa processing. if the program of study is in the Priority Occupation group (Green List). After graduation, international students will be allowed to work in the field of study.

PSW visas are issued for the same length of time as international students studying full-time in New Zealand, with a maximum period of up to three years. For Master’s and Doctoral levels, the PSW visa period remains the same for 3 years, provided that international PhD students have to study for at least 30 weeks full-time in New Zealand.

In addition, international students studying in New Zealand are still entitled to work while studying for up to 20 hours/week during semesters and full-time during vacations.

The above changes only apply to international students applying for a visa from 11 May 2022 onwards. The old PSW visa rules still apply to students who have studied in New Zealand, or are currently holding a student visa – including the group of 5,000 students in the fourth round of special entry (returning to New Zealand before October 1, 2016). 7 to prepare for the second semester of the school year).

Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s Education Minister, said: “New Zealand is widely known as a quality study destination with world-class education quality, safe and friendly learning environment. friendly, along with cultural diversity, tolerance and inclusion.We want students to experience the maximum learning process here, thereby grasping suitable job opportunities. The changes are coming to ensure that students get the value they deserve for their investment, and that students who continue to stay and work in New Zealand can also add fill the skills gap of the labor market, and contribute to the development of the economy”.

In the near future, the New Zealand Government will also announce the International Education Strategy 2022-2030. “When borders are reopened, we need to push international education back stronger than before. We will work together to build a new future, focused on delivering a platform that is centered around the world. innovative international education with many values ​​for local and international students, whether studying in New Zealand or studying remotely, whether in person or online,” said Chris Hipkins.

To support learners in Vietnam to prepare for a long-term study plan and access a New Zealand education, ENZ has been implementing new educational initiatives, such as full scholarships. for teachers, lecturers, and education professionals in Vietnam to attend professional courses on Collaborative Teaching and Learning, Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning, or Future Skills Summer Camps ( New Zealand Future Skills Camp) aims to equip Global Digital Citizens skills completely free of charge to students from grades 6 to 10 across the country.

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