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Nghe An: Combining exam and admission into 10th grade high school

Practice time of foreign languages ​​for students in Do Luong district. Photo: Nghe An Newspaper

Previously, according to the plan approved by the People’s Committee of Nghe An province, this year’s exam has two methods of enrollment: entrance exam and entrance exam. Admission. In particular, the form of entrance exam is applied to schools where the number of students who have applied for aspiration 1 to the school exceeds the quota of enrollment and admission for the remaining schools.

After more than 1 week of submitting applications, based on the number of applications enrollment registrationThis year, all public high schools in the province use the entrance exam. Particularly, non-public schools, Centers of Vocational Education – Continuing Education, Centers of Continuing Education use the form of admission.

Through registration records, the number of candidates this year is more than 43,000, an increase of more than 7,000 candidates compared to the previous school year; Targets of schools reach 70-90% of registrations. However, there are still schools with the target of less than 70%, such as Pham Hong Thai High School (63%), Anh Son 1 High School (69%), Nguyen Canh Chan High School (68%).

Particularly in Vinh city, the targets of schools increased sharply compared to previous years. Specifically, if last year, Ha Huy Tap and Le Viet Thuat High School had a target of 68 – 70%, this year it is 53 – 57%. For Huynh Thuc Khang High School, the target is 51%. This is expected because this year, citywide statistics, the number of students increased by about 800 students.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Hoan – Chief of Office of Nghe An Department of Education and Training said that because the number of registration applications increased more than in previous years, this year the race to grade 10 was also more difficult for some localities. . Currently, most of the junior high schools in the province have completed the second semester exam and the schools are still continuing to review for students to prepare for the exam. 10th grade entrance exam next June.

As planned, the 10th grade entrance exam 2022 in Nghe An will take place in two days, June 7 and 8, 2022, with 3 subjects of Literature, Mathematics and Foreign Languages. This year’s exam has many new features; In which, for the first time, Nghe An applied scoring with an equal coefficient for all 3 exams: Mathematics, Literature and Foreign Language.

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