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In order to achieve this title, FrieslandCampina Ha Nam always makes persistent efforts to contribute to realizing the mission and is committed to providing better nutrition, a better life for all people, protecting the environment and improving climate.

This is even more meaningful in the context that the company celebrates a memorable milestone of 15 years of establishment and development in Ha Nam in particular and more than 25 years of accompanying Vietnam in general.

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FrieslandCampina Ha Nam is the first foreign-invested enterprise to invest in the production of milk and dairy products in Vietnam, contributing the most to the development. economy Ha Nam province society. The mission of bringing better nutrition to everyone “For a superior Vietnam” is the top priority when the company continuously invests in factory equipment, focuses on research and development, not stop improving product quality.

Since 2017 until now, the company that owns the Dutch Lady brand has researched, improved and marketed more than 55 diverse new products with the best nutrition from nature, meeting the nutritional needs of the people. the increasing care of people consumption Vietnam.

A survey conducted in 2021 shows that customers always trust the quality and trust of FrieslandCampina products with the rate of customers trusting to continue using the product is 97% and 100% of consumers are satisfied. Satisfied with customer service.

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FrieslandCampina’s dairy products always gain high trust from customers thanks to their optimal quality.

In addition, FrieslandCampina Ha Nam has always focused on developing a sustainable dairy industry in Vietnam by improving the lives of the people, especially the partner dairy farmers.

The Dairy Industry Development Program in collaboration with the Vietnam Farmers’ Association has affirmed the position of a pioneer enterprise in creating value with Vietnamese farmers to bring a better life, jointly developing Vietnam’s dairy industry. South, and promote the development of sustainable, high-quality raw materials.

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With the Dairy Development Program, FrieslandCampina has successfully transferred Dutch dairy farming technology to Vietnamese farmers.

FrieslandCampina’s sustainability initiatives are focused on bringing value to society and contributing to the local community. Specifically, the long-term strategic cooperation program “For a superior Vietnam” of the company and the Ministry of Education and Training with a total investment of 55 billion VND in 5 years has realized the goal of creating a foundation for the future. sustainable nutrition, helping future generations of Vietnam be ready to rise and excel.

The program has been raising awareness and changing balanced nutrition habits for 1.5 million primary school students, building 1,250 nutrition communication corners, 65 multi-purpose playgrounds at 250 schools across the country.

At the same time, right from the beginning of 2020, FrieslandCampina Ha Nam has pioneered activities to support the Government to accompany the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. The company donated 500 million VND to the Vaccine Fund of Ha Nam province, contributed more than 3 billion VND in cash and 345,000 nutritional products in the program “Nutrition with love, sharing hands” with the desire to quickly support for frontline doctors, border guards as well as to share difficulties with the poor, people affected by the pandemic, people in the blockade and isolation areas so that no one is left behind.

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FrieslandCampina is steadfast with the goal of creating a solid nutritional foundation, helping future generations of Vietnam be ready to rise and excel.

Mr. Richard Kiger, General Director of Frieslandcampina Group Vietnam, shared: “After 15 years of investment activities in Ha Nam with the mission “For a superior Vietnam”, FrieslandCampina Ha Nam is one of the most successful foreign investment enterprises in Vietnam.

The company actively contributes to the economic and social development of the country in general, as well as the dairy industry in particular, contributing to improving the health and nutrition of the Vietnamese people. We are honored to be recognized by the People’s Committee of Ha Nam province and the Government of Vietnam as an excellent enterprise in production and business activities, contributions to the state budget, social security programs and epidemic prevention. COVID-19 disease“.

Frieslandcampina Ha Nam will always be consistent with long-term commitments and make solid contributions to the community by constantly creating good values ​​​​for society, continuing to develop, sticking with the local community, promoting strengthen sustainable business activities, create jobs with stable incomes for people, support farmers to implement sustainable dairy farm models, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life in terms of nutrition and physical health. substance for the people of Vietnam.

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