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Picking up her mother-in-law to take care of her, after a few months, the daughter-in-law realized it was a foolish act

Married for 8 years, it seems that my husband and I have everything, it is time to relax when we have two children, a decent house in the downtown district… I thought it was like a dream when I lived with someone My love, after marriage, I got the help of both sides to buy a house to live on my own.

The house my husband and I have is really a place to be proud of, although the money to buy this house is my own money and my biological parents gave it. I live alone in the city, but I still receive the attention of my mother-in-law in the countryside, my mother-in-law often calls to ask me… Sometimes I just want my mother-in-law to come live with me and my wife, because my father-in-law has passed away. , the mother-in-law lives with the youngest husband and wife, economic conditions are still difficult.

But sadly, when I wanted to welcome my mother-in-law to stay for a long time, that was when my mother-in-law started to change a lot. Seeing that we have money, my mother-in-law came up mainly for the purpose of controlling the economy and stealing our money. Being free, I suffered from being a bride every day in fear of my mother-in-law.

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Every day, my mother-in-law asks to be in charge of buying and selling everything in the house, including paying for electricity, water, internet… my mother-in-law also wants to pay for it herself. In order to make this payment, my mother-in-law forced me and my husband to declare income and pay it back to my mother-in-law to spend in the month. My mother-in-law only keeps a little bit called pocket money.

My mother-in-law made all kinds of claims so that I had to give her money, mainly to send it back to my hometown. Paying respects to this person, visiting the other, lending money to that family… all kinds of money that my mother-in-law forced me to spend. Moreover, she also repeatedly forced her son to give her money “underground” to make money in case of a divorce and still have money to marry another wife.

Many times I gave suggestions, but the mother-in-law did not listen, still sulking, slandering her daughter-in-law everywhere: “They invited me to stay with them, but bought this, bought that, they didn’t spend anything. The daughter-in-law has a high salary and a great reward, but she spends every penny with her mother-in-law.

I also had to give a lot of money to my mother-in-law, but when I had money, my mother-in-law gave me a meager meal around boiled meat, boiled vegetables, tofu… My mother-in-law scolded me again: “It’s healthy to eat instead. , it’s cool. Eating a lot of protein and fat dishes will only cause disease, not valuable.”

The saddest thing is that my mother-in-law interfered in my husband’s affairs, whenever I was angry, my mother-in-law jumped up and yelled at me to bully my husband. My mother-in-law also pampers the children too much, feeds them sweets, and watches TV comfortably. Every time she trained her children, she would defend her, making my children no longer know how to be polite.

From wanting to show filial piety to my mother-in-law, after a few months, I found myself foolish before the excesses of my mother-in-law. What should I do so that my mother-in-law does not interfere excessively in my spending and private life? Should I “smartly invite” my mother-in-law to my hometown to enjoy a free life like before?

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