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Pretending to be a man for 36 years to protect his daughter

Specifically, the Indian woman got married at the age of 20, but her husband died 15 days after the wedding. Soon she gave birth to a baby girl.

The woman doesn’t want to get married again. As a result, she had to work hard to provide for herself and her daughter.

At work, she was harassed by co-workers. In the end, the woman decided to dress like a man so as not to be disturbed.

Impersonating a man for 36 years to protect his daughter - Photo 1.

Indian mother pretends to be a man for 36 years to protect her daughter. (Photo: The New Indian Express)

Only those close to her knew about her gender. For others, the woman is a man. Some of her documents are even in men’s names.

Now the woman is financially stable, but she is afraid to switch back, because she believes that by pretending to be a man, she feels safer for herself and her daughter.

Before that, in Egypt a man named Sisa Abu Daooh hid his gender for more than 40 years and pretended to be a man for a living.

Accordingly, after the sudden death of her husband, Ms. Sisa had no income for several months before giving birth. Relatives wanted her to “go another step” but she did not want to get married and was determined to raise her child.

To get a job, she had to hide the fact that she was a woman. She wears long men’s clothes with wide sleeves, a turban, and men’s shoes. The woman had spent many years working in all sorts of jobs, from a builder to a shoemaker.

Her family’s situation became more and more difficult when her daughter’s husband unfortunately became seriously ill and could not work. Therefore, forcing her to continue to “fake male”, as the main breadwinner of the family.

She used to run away when her secret was discovered, but now in her 60s, locals have accepted her as a man and she has no regrets about her survival decision.

It has been 43 years since Sisa masquerading as a man and fortunately the Egyptian authorities did not punish her but instead decided to thank her and honor her with the “Mother’s Love” award. death”.

Now, when the truth has been revealed, Ms. Sisa no longer needs to pretend to be a man. But she was so used to wearing men’s clothes that she continued to wear them.

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