Soldiers study all night hoping to enter a prestigious school

NKN, a student at the High School of Pedagogy Practice (Can Tho University), often stays up until 2am to review. I found myself not mastering the knowledge, worried about my grades, wanted my parents to be proud of me, so I put pressure on myself.

After a night of studying, the next morning, N. felt tired. Female students spend 2-3 hours in the afternoon to make up for sleep.

The student studied all night hoping to enter a prestigious school - 1

N. often stays up until 2 am to review. (Photo: NVCC)

Staying up all night to “sprint”

N. confided during the sprint time, she follows the principle of studying every 25 minutes, taking a break once, can study all day, throughout a week, limiting leisure time. In my free time, I often listen to music or go to a coffee shop to study with friends to relieve stress.

The female student shared that the subject she was most worried about was Literature. N. wants to score 9 in these subjects in the exam in order to have a total of more than 27 points for 3 subjects in block D1, apply for admission to the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. However, I am confused because the literary argument is still weak.

TL (18 years old, living in Nghe An), a student at Anh Son 3 High School, also feels pressure when the high school graduation exam approaches. I stay up late until 12pm to review, get up at 4am the next day to absorb more knowledge.

Every day, female students study for the exam early. In about 4-6 hours, I memorize theory and vocabulary. After that, I took the main course until 11:30 and then took extra classes at school from 14:00 to 16:30. Without much rest, from 5pm, the girl worked on English questions and fixed them until 19:00.

In the evening, L. did Math and Physics subjects, and at the same time treated 2 subjects. At the end of the session, I summarize all the knowledge learned in the day, planning a study schedule for the next day.

“Sometimes, I’m too tired to study for exams, I feel like I can’t get up, I turn off the alarm to sleep again.” L. said.

The young girl confided that at first, when doing the exam questions, she was still confused and made unnecessary mistakes. Up to now, L. has overcome his shortcomings, knows where his capacity is to continue to strive with the goal of achieving more than 27 points, matriculating in the business administration major of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

With a rather tight schedule, L. spends time relaxing on weekends. Specifically, she only learns more English, then listens to relaxing music.

Currently, L. finds her learning method quite good and effective. However, pressure is inevitable.

“The pressure I created myself, because I wanted my parents to be proud. I think it’s only pressure that keeps me in order.” she said.

The student studied all night hoping to enter a prestigious school - 2

According to Prof. Dr. Pham Tat Dong, after staying up at night, students need to rest properly, eat well. (Photo: Huu Nghi)

Don’t stay up too late

Exchange with ZingProf. Dr. Pham Tat Dong, an advisor to the Vietnam Study Promotion Association, said that from 11pm to 3am, the human body needs rest after a long day of studying and working. If they work and study at this time, the liver and kidneys will be overloaded.

In the upcoming exam, students have a lot of homework, so they often stay up late to review and learn new knowledge. However, after staying up all night to study, they need to rest properly, eat well, and supplement their body with nutrients.

As an example from his school experience, he said that when he attended the Mathematics department at the university, he usually went to bed at 12 o’clock at night. Staying up at night, he still spends time playing sports (running) in the morning and afternoon to exercise to avoid getting sick.

For students who are studying for exams, Professor Dong advises families and schools not to let children study too hard, stay up too late. He believes that youth is not only learning but also many other things that need life skills.

They need to develop a scientific study plan, should not study too much, which can easily lead to loss of strength. Moreover, learning must bring knowledge, new things to the soul, and knowledge of students can be sustained.

“Students need to have an effective way to learn, to avoid staying up at night but learning by rote, learning by heart, leading to nervous tension.” Mr. Dong said.

Sharing the same view, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nguyen Binh Khiem Middle and High School (Hanoi), said that staying up late at night is very dangerous, can cause health breakdown, even nervous breakdown. , stress, depression. Therefore, they should only study from 10-11 pm so that they can wake up early the next day.

“One hour of study in the morning is many times better than studying at night”he emphasized.

In fact, many children staying up late studying becomes a habit. However, this needs to change. Mr. Hoa always reminds and instructs students not to abuse night school.

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Students exchange answers after completing the test. (Photo: Thao Nguyen)

Regarding the secret to helping students learn quickly and get high scores in the upcoming exam, he said that each person has a different secret, depending on their ability. Specifically, students need to plan a harmonious review, evenly distribute subjects in 3 time frames (morning, noon, and evening).

Which subject is still weak, they spend a lot of time reviewing. As for the subject that has firmly grasped the knowledge, students should reduce the time frame to spend on other subjects. With this method, students will not be disappointed when facing difficult subjects.

In particular, Mr. Hoa affirmed that in the high school graduation exam, the students who failed the exam or did not get the minimum score were mainly due to paralysis of one subject (disrespecting the subject, not liking it, setting low goals).

To achieve high scores, students need to study and review many times from May to the end of June, and at the same time, divide it into three steps including self-testing knowledge of all subjects, not omitting; focus on reviewing the unsettled parts, the key knowledge; Take time to self-review, test, work in groups, ask friends or teachers in class if you have difficulty.

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