Still as beautiful as before but more breathable

H510 Probably one of NZXT’s trademark cases, and also a popular choice among many computer enthusiasts. The simple factor that makes this case famous is this case… it looks good, with a separate power compartment, a bold NZXT wire bar, and large tempered glass to reveal the hardware inside.

H510 in hand - Photo 1.

However, the biggest drawback of this case line is the ability to dissipate heat. With fronts sealed in aluminum (H510, H510i) or glass (H510 Elite), these cases don’t get a lot of cool air outside to cool the CPU and GPU. Version H510 Flow was released with the promise of thoroughly solving this problem.

H510 in hand - Photo 2.

Overall, the H510 Flow still has the same general design as the regular H510i.

H510 in hand - Photo 3.

The front of the case has a power button with a circle light, a USB Type-A 3.0 port, a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm music/microphone port.

H510 in hand - Photo 4.

The back is a large aluminum plate with 2 manual screws.

H510 in hand - Photo 5.

This is a mid-sized case line, suitable for ATX boards and below.

H510 in hand - Photo 6.

An element that is very familiar with NZXT cases is the large wire bar, printed with the company’s logo.

H510 in hand - Photo 7.

The biggest difference of the H510 Flow compared to the H510i or H510 Elite is that the front is punched with many round holes, so that the air will go directly inside, not through the small slots on the sides.

H510 in hand - Photo 8.

This front has a frame to install a maximum of 280mm water cooler or two 140mm fans for those of you who use an air cooler.

On hand H510 - Photo 9.

Coming to the back, we have 2 mounts to mount 2.5-inch HDD and SSD, 3.5-inch HDDs will be installed in a separate slot in the lower compartment next to the source.

On hand H510 - Photo 10.

On the back there are also slots with velcro for neater wiring.

On hand H510 - Photo 11.

The back side allows the use of a 120mm fan, while the top edge can be fitted with a water cooler or a 140mm fan.

On hand H510 - Photo 12.

Installers who have the ability to organize their wires neatly will be able to make their system with the H510 Flow case look great! From a distance, we will only see a single wire that is the power supply wire for the GPU.

H510 in hand - Photo 13.

Like previous generations, the H510 Flow is equipped with a large tempered glass so that when the lid is closed, users can still “see” the components inside.

H510 in hand - Photo 14.

Because the front is made of holes, the front-mounted fans will also appear if there is an RGB light. However, if you want the lights to appear most clearly, the H510 Elite version will still be a better choice.

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