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Strange anti-gravity waterfalls

Every monsoon, many parts of India appear an interesting scene when the water in the waterfalls seems to fly upside down into the sky, defying the laws of physics.

Every year, every monsoon comes, India turned into a magical land with unique natural phenomena.

One of the most astonishing phenomena is the moment when the water in the waterfalls of western India seems to “fly” upside down into the sky, defying the usual laws of physics.

Strangely anti-gravity waterfalls, water flows back to the sky-1
Waterfall “flying backwards” into the sky in Visapur, Malvali, Maharashtra, India.

According to the explanation of experts, the reverse flow of water occurs when the monsoon winds blow from below very strongly, pushing upwards. The water jets are large enough to form a waterfall “flying” upwards. When standing at the top view, visitors can observe this moment very clearly.

Strangely anti-gravity waterfalls, water flows back to the sky-2
Waterfalls in Naneghat. Photo: Praneet Gawari/Flickr

The Naneghat Pass stretching between the Konkan coast and the Deccan plateau is one of the places that attracts many visitors from all over the world to witness firsthand the sight of water like “flying” floating in the air.

Similarly, about 20km from Nashik, the quiet village of Anjaneri also has an “upside down waterfall” located on the way to the top of Mount Tahuli.

Strangely anti-gravity waterfalls, water flows back to the sky-3
Waterfall in Sandhan valley.

Samrad village in the Sandhan valley near Mumbai is also home to an “inverted waterfall” located at an altitude of more than 600m. Near Pune, Kavalshet Point has about 10 small waterfalls and a series of “reverse waterfalls” set among lush greenery.

In addition, near Sinhagad Fort along Malshejghat located between Kalyan and Ahmednagar landmarks of Maharashtra, visitors can also admire such “flying backwards” waterfalls.

In addition to India, this amazing scene also appears in some parts of the world such as Kinder Downfall in the UK, Iceland; waterfalls on the Faroe Islands or inside the Royal National Park south of Sydney, Australia.

It is known that this phenomenon only occurs when strong winds roll up from the sea surface, hitting the cliffs, causing the water to flow back into the sky.

A representative of the park said that the phenomenon of “backflowing waterfall” only occurs a few times a year and attracts a lot of tourists to the city, despite the strong windy weather.

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