Tank truck fire at the gas station

Ho Chi Minh CityA tank car while refueling into a storage tank at a gas station in Go Vap district suddenly caught fire, causing many people to panic, on the evening of May 18.

Tank truck fire at the gas station

The tank truck caught fire at the gas station. Video: Duy Luan

Around 10:30 p.m., a motorbike parked in front of a gas station office on Nguyen Oanh Street, Ward 17, suddenly exploded. The fire spread to a 25 m3 tank truck that was pumping gasoline into the tank, causing the fire to flare up violently. The driver tried to drive the car out, but failed, so he opened the door to get out.

Many employees used fire extinguishers, water cannons to put out the fire and moved other motorbikes. At this time, some households next to the gas station brought a CO2 tank to rescue. “I and many other people sprayed CO2 on clothes and then rushed in to fight the fire to avoid the fire,” said Duy Luan, who lives near a gas station.

The office of the gas station and many properties were destroyed.  Photo: Dinh Van

Damaged gas station office after the fire. Image: Dinh Van

A few minutes later, many fire engines and more than a dozen soldiers arrived at the scene. Firefighters coordinated on-site forces to pull water cannons to put out the fire and prevent the fire from spreading to the pump towers. The fire did not cause casualties, but burned a number of damaged motorbikes and tank cars. The employee’s motel was partially burned, covered with black smoke, broken glass.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Dinh Van

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