The 5 greatest inventions of mankind that changed the world

During the journey of human formation and development, countless great inventions and theories have been discovered. In it, there are things that have contributed to changing the lives of all mankind. Here are 5 inventions that scientists consider to be the greatest inventions of all time.


The concept of a rolling cylinder dates back to the first human civilization. People Sumer of the Mesopotamian civilization with great strides was the first to create the wheel with a mechanical shaft.

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The Evolution of the Wheel

In the beginning, wheels had a thick and dense design, often made from primitive materials such as stone and wood. From heavy solid wheels, wheels were gradually improved with spokes around 2,000 BC. This greatly reduces the weight and helps the wheel to operate more smoothly as well as help the transport speed to be faster.

Despite the very long history, it was not until 1836 that the first invention related to the wheel was recorded. It was a horizontal hollow water wheel for hydroelectricity designed by American engineer James Macomb.


Although the language began to be used about 10 thousand years ago, right from the time when the first human civilization was formed.

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The invention of writing is a remarkable achievement of mankind

One of the earliest writing systems was hieroglyphics used by the Sumerians around 2,900 BC to record commercial letters, bills, laws, chants, prayers, stories, etc. To this day, languages ​​are constantly changing and evolving.


German scientist Johannes Gutenberg is said to have first invented the printing press around the 15th century. In fact, printing was made 6 centuries earlier by the Chinese when they copied information. trust by carving letters, drawings on a wooden board, then covered with ink and put the paper on. However, the Chinese method is extremely time-consuming.

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Scientist Gutenberg used mechanization to improve printing

After many years of searching and researching, the technology of printing separate letters was born. Based on this printing technology, scientist Gutenberg sought to mechanize it, thereby transferring ink from metal letters to paper to save time compared to manual hand printing.


Nearly three hundred years ago, two British doctors Thomas Dimsdale and Edward Jenner came up with a crazy idea that changed the medical world. Accordingly, through this method, these two doctors did an extremely dangerous experiment when actively infecting a healthy person with weakened pathogens to create immunity.

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The “father” of vaccines has changed the entire world of medicine

In the past, the use of this method is thought to have appeared in China, possibly from the southwestern province of Anhui or Jiangxi when Chinese traders introduced the method of inoculation to India, and then from there. spread to Africa and spread around the world.


Today, computers are indispensable tools in every human’s life. Owning a computer connected to the internet, the whole world is almost miniature in the hand, you have the opportunity to interact with a lot of information, culture, look up the information you need to know…

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The first computer is hundreds of times the size of the computer of the 21st century

However, in order to have a compact computer, complete with great features like today, it had to go through a period of formation and development that lasted nearly a century. Although there is still much debate about the true origin of computers, many people believe that the first computer in history was a turing machine created by scientist Alan Turing to decode cryptographic systems. Enigma of Nazi Germany.

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