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The gentleman repeatedly “broken his gun”, the doctor pointed out what to absolutely not do when “in love”

Rushing to bring the penis out of the vagina, crashing into hard areas, causing the penis to break. This is the leading cause of a gentleman’s ‘gun’ breaking.

Doctor Nguyen Duy Khanh – The Center for Andrology, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, said that within the past 1 month, at the Hospital’s Andrology Center, there have been 5 cases of rupture of cavernous bodies due to sexual misconduct. position.

The most recent case is a 40-year-old male patient in Lang Son. The patient came to Viet Duc Hospital on May 15 with blood in the urine, purple swelling of the entire penis, large hematoma in the scrotum and perineum.

According to the diagnosis of doctors, the patient broke the penis cave due to sexual intercourse in the wrong position, requiring emergency surgery. Immediately, the patient was treated with sutures to whiten the cavernous body and shape the urethra. After 1 day of surgery, the patient is stable, but the patient will face many complications such as: penile curvature, impotence, urethral stricture, urine leakage.

Talking more with reporters, MSc Nguyen Van Duc – Department of Urological Surgery – Andrology, Saint Paul General Hospital, said that the “little boy” has an external structure like a porous cylinder and soft, hanging just below the pubic area. The penis is divided into three main parts: the root, the body, and the head.

Penile fracture, penile brake fracture, foreskin stenosis are diseases and accidents that can be common in men. In particular, penile fracture is an injury that sounds strange but is completely possible.

The gentleman repeatedly 'broken his gun', the doctor pointed out what to absolutely not do when 'in love'

Doctor Nguyen Van Duc emphasized, gentlemen only break the penis when erect and cannot be broken if in a flaccid state.

Accordingly, when the erect penis is suddenly bent, the fibrous capsule of the tube can be torn, causing pain. As blood escapes through the tear in the condom, the penis becomes tender, swollen, and purple.

There are many reasons why penile fracture can occur because the patient breaks his own penis. Patients are often young people, waking up in the morning with an enlarged penis makes them confused and embarrassed if they live in a crowded house or in a dormitory.

In this situation, the penis is broken but the patient is still able to urinate quite easily because the spongy body (the 3rd tube of the penis, small, surrounding the urethra) is not damaged.

In fact, receiving and treating patient Dr. Nguyen Duy Khanh, Viet Duc Hospital found that having sex in the wrong position is the leading risk group for causing damage to the penis.

The reason is because men often rush to bring the “small penis” out of the vagina, crashing into hard areas such as the hip area, the coccyx, the pubic area of ​​the partner, causing the penis to flood the angle, and damage the urinary tract. very difficult in the treatment process.

Doctors recommend that, when the penis is broken, for the best treatment, the patient needs to go to the hospital immediately to have the surgeon remove the hematoma and sew up the tear (usually on the side of the cavernous body). , in the opposite direction of the bend and located near the base of the penis).

The surgery when the patient has a penile fracture is very simple, not complicated. A general surgeon can also perform surgery with training.

The surgeon will remove the hematoma and suture the cavernous capsule. After surgery, sexual and reproductive function will be completely normal.

Dr. Duc said that, if not operated immediately, the person with a broken penis can also recover on its own. The penis will gradually disappear purple, stop swelling after many days, weeks. However, the penis will be fibrosis due to hematoma leading to severe curvature or angle, making it impossible to have intercourse. Correction of penile curvature is more complicated and should be performed by a urologist.

To avoid unfortunate sexual accidents that can happen to men, doctors recommend that you be careful when having sex, avoid strange positions or unsafe actions.

In particular, when there are signs of penile fracture, men should not be shy and hesitant, but need to immediately go to reputable medical facilities for timely intervention and treatment to help “little penis” avoid complications, causing complications. difficult to handle and leave consequences later.

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