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The journey to dismantle the line transporting 115 cakes of heroin

Track down a crime

In the middle of March, 2022, through the work of understanding the situation, the functional forces of the Dien Bien Provincial Police discovered a group of subjects residing in Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district with many suspicious signs related to heroin trade. This is a group of subjects with a very young age but extremely cunning. Subjects with very complicated moving journeys were often not present in the locality, or if they were in the locality, they were not at home, but moved to many places. They are young, do not have a stable job, but they always show that they have a lot of money, spend lavishly, often go back and forth between Vietnam and Laos border area. In addition, the subjects had quite close relationships with a number of prominent subjects who had been in prison and convicted of illegal drug trafficking and transportation.

The journey to dismantle the line transporting 115 cakes of heroin - Photo 1.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Dien Bien, and Major General Tran Van Doanh, Deputy Director of the Police Department for Drug Crime Investigation of the Ministry of Public Security, congratulated the special case team.

The verification and reconnaissance process determined that this line consisted of 4 subjects led by Giang A So (20 years old, residing in Tin Lan village, Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province) and 3 other subjects on The area is organized into a closed line, specifically assigning people to the other side of the border by a trail along the hillside from Dien Bien through Huoi Ven village, Phon Thoong district, Luongphra Bang province (Laos), going deep into the area. Inland provinces of Laos take “goods” and bring them to Vietnam, then continue to transport them to other localities and to third countries for consumption. The remaining subjects in the line are responsible for guarding, drawing up transport routes and connections, and directly contacting drug buyers in other localities to commit crimes.

Not only that, Giang A So is the person who directly communicates with the Laotian goods owner in the border area, does not contact his relatives during the course of committing the offence, and absolutely stops all transactions when presence of a third person.

The remaining subjects according to their assigned tasks will only be able to know and perform their work when directly assigned the task by So and absolutely do not know anything about the affairs of other people in the same line. Lieutenant Colonel Vu Dinh Nghi – Deputy Head of the Drug Crime Investigation Department of Dien Bien Provincial Police said: “This is a closed line of illegal drug trafficking and transportation with very sophisticated operating tricks. The main mastermind is the person who directly connects and brings goods to Vietnam, and hides them in the border area in many different ways, each of which follows specific stages and tasks. ..”.

After more than 2 months of closely monitoring the movements of the subjects in the ring, the police agency has learned important information: In the middle of April, 2022, the subjects will carry out transporting a large amount of heroin. from Dien Bien district to Hanoi, then back to Lao Cai and brought to a third country for consumption. These drugs, after being transported to Vietnam by forest road, will be hidden and divided into several parts, delivered to the subjects in the direct line for consumption when the time comes.

The journey to dismantle the line transporting 115 cakes of heroin - Photo 2.

The subjects were arrested with the exhibits of 115 heroin cakes.

Immediately, a special case was established with the participation of the following forces: drug-related crime investigation police, traffic police, mobile police and some security units of Dien Bien Provincial Police, District Police. Tuan Giao, Drug Prevention and Control Team of Dien Bien Customs Department and a number of professional units under the Ministry of Public Security. In order to fight and dismantle this line, the project committee mobilized the participation of many police forces at all levels, in which focused on implementing the plan to organize siege, blockade, and catch-up to arrest the criminals. subjects and exhibits when they are on the way to transport drugs for consumption.

Secret tracking

In the early days of April, hiding in the darkness of the Northwest forest, the subjects carrying all the evidence of the case quickly walked along the edge of the forest along the border into the interior of Dien Bien district. Being an indigenous people, familiar with the area, often taking advantage of the dark night to escape to the other side of the border to connect and buy “goods”, so determining the route as well as the travel time of the subjects is very important. it’s not simple. Using synchronously many professional measures, the project committee has determined the exact location of the objects that will gather and catch the car to bring “goods” to consumption. The siege plans were quickly deployed.

On the one hand, the project committee set up several groups of checkpoints according to the subject’s movement route; On the one hand, arrange a reconnaissance force to catch up, create a pincer position, not to give the subjects the opportunity to disperse evidence and escape. Besides, continue to arrange continuous reconnaissance arrows in many directions, many routes and along the trails that the objects can go through.

At 7:00 p.m. on April 7, information from reconnaissance nose No. 1 reported: The subjects had appeared with all the exhibits and were moving in the direction from Tin Lan village, Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district to Dien City. Bien Phu. After considering all factors, combined with professional measures, the project committee decided to keep the net.

The journey to dismantle the line transporting 115 heroin cakes - Photo 3.

The project committee examines the number of exhibits seized.


Unexpectedly, the objects did not follow the original schedule, but suddenly changed the method and route of movement. From Tin Lan, they rented a taxi to Dien Bien Phu city, then returned to Ban Phu bus station in Noong Het commune, Dien Bien district…

In order to ensure that the plan to arrest the subjects is absolutely safe and seize all the exhibits, the special case committee decided to choose a crime-solving point at a fixed pick-up and drop-off point in Tuan Giao town, Tuan Giao district, province. Dien Bien. With more than 100 officers and soldiers from the special forces scattered along the National Highway 279, the working groups in turn provided continuous information on the subject’s movements.

21:15′ on the same day, at km 01+700 of National Highway 279 in the territory of town, Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province, when the passenger car carrying the subjects had just stopped to pick up passengers, according to the assignment of the project committee, The scouts coordinated with the 1st task force to quickly approach and close the target. 4 subjects were arrested with all the exhibits of the case, including 115 cakes (40.2 kg) of heroin, 5 mobile phones and 10.5 million dong in cash. The subjects arrested together with permanent residence in Tin Lan village, Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district are Giang A Tru (born 1996), Ly A Kha (born 2000), Ly A Manh, Giang A So (both born in 2002).

The journey to dismantle the line transporting 115 cakes of heroin - Photo 5.

The amount of heroin hidden in the backpack was seized by the police at the scene.

The entire transnational criminal network, including the mastermind and leader who was arrested with a huge amount of drugs, has been eliminated, not only showing the transparency and synchronism of professional measures, the calculation the effectiveness of sending regular police to communes, but also affirming the serious implementation of the Ministry’s leadership’s instructions at the preliminary conference of the steering committee on drug prevention on the border lines is to fight, exploit remove the root and eliminate the whole line of drug-related crimes.

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