The “magic eye” protects the residents or the spying tool of prying neighbors?

An apartment is a living environment that is both private and collective. Life in an apartment building also has a behavior and culture that is different from that of a house on the ground. But not everyone adapts well to life here. Therefore, in the apartment building, there is always no shortage of bad things to cry and laugh about.

Typically arguing, quarreling, even peering at each other just because of the camera.

Wearing pajamas was also photographed for… condemnation

Moved into the apartment for 9 months, but I was miserable because of the security camera here. It is said that installing cameras is only for the good of the residents, but it is not good to see it, only to feel angry in the body.

It’s not the floor I’m on, the camera is pointed straight at the hallway. Once from the house to the garbage room, I wore a two-piece nightgown, thinking that there was no need to be fussy, only a few steps.

Yet without waiting long, somehow, a photo of me with the “sexy” part was posted “sloppy” right in the group of residents with a loud and clear note: “Dare to go out dressed like that, it’s too offensive.”

Apartment camera: Magic eye to protect residents or spying tool of prying neighbors?  - Photo 1.

The apartment camera is pointed all over the corridor, so even if I don’t wear a nightgown to take out the trash, I will also become a “showy kid” who is “sacrificed” on the apartment group.

Well, then what? How did that picture leak out, who stole me? Even if it blurs the face, the nightgown with that figure doesn’t deviate in the slightest.

Both embarrassed and angry, I went down to the management board to clarify the matter and received a quick answer: “I don’t know, everyone in the house can see it, you have to see who posted it to know? We are not responsible for criminal investigation.”

After that, the “executive board” said that, and ordinary people like me would agree. Only the person who posted the post used a virtual nick, behind it was a series of gossip about “the girl in a thin skirt went to take out the trash” with very unpleasant words. But sadly, most of them are sisters.

Through that “howling” because of that “anti-owner” security camera, I of course have since then paid attention to every step and word, because who knows, one day I will be “sacrificed” to the resident association for the first time. again.

It’s not just me personally, in this community of residents, every now and then, I see sarcastic posts, denouncing each other, sometimes a family quarrels, sometimes a house that leaves slippers outside the door is also “blased” ” due to “deteriorating the image of the corridor space”, then which house often invites you to play…

Everything, just “displeased with each other” or “not pleasing to the eye”, everyone has the right to extract the corridor camera, take screenshots to “say there are books, tell the evidence”, and “village love, neighborliness” or not, doesn’t matter.

Apartment camera: Magic eye to protect residents or spying tool of prying neighbors?  - Photo 2.

Everything private is “in the eyes” of the neighbors. Illustration

So, a resident fan page was created initially with the purpose of being a place to put all information up to share in order to build a civilized, polite apartment community and help residents comment on what is not right. in the apartment, now changed the purpose.

After only a few months of operating for the original purpose, then private pictures of residents living here were taken and uploaded by people with uncivilized words and a lot of criticism. Residents’ lives are scrutinized, leading to suspicion and mutual wariness…

“I saw that girl walking at night, or is she… a girl?”

Don’t think that if you don’t pay attention to others, other people won’t notice you, then you’re wrong.

Living in a collective environment, each person lives a “beat”, and since the “magic eye” is added, the lives of many people will be turned upside down. People have the right to “check horizontally, check vertically” each other, a little bit “check”, to see “what’s in the hallway today”, “why did the couple fight so much yesterday at Miss A’s house, Miss B’s house?” , then the C family suddenly woke up later than usual today… and started talking.

After being “accused” of revealing clothes, since then I’ve been hiding. But unfortunately, the next “victim” to be “recorded” by the security camera was the girl next door to my house.

She is a student, works part-time, so she works overtime at night, sometimes comes home late, sometimes eats with friends, so she is a bit drunk.

Apartment camera: Magic eye to protect residents or spying tool of prying neighbors?  - Photo 3.

My neighbor’s girl just because she worked the night shift, she was always labeled … “a girl” just because the camera accidentally shone when she got home drunk a few times late.

But even though “walking at night” was still recorded by the camera, the resident sisters had the opportunity to whisper, post the forum and say sarcastically: “My floor has people working at night these days. Damn it, every girl and child opens the door loudly at night, drunk and drunk, that language is not good, and then ruins the culture of the floor.”

Although no one said their name and face, it seemed that “everyone knew who it was”, together in comments that hinted ironically, making the little girl angry, coming to my house to lament: “It’s too bad, I have 1-2 times to drink a bit too much with my friends, the rest come back from work late, but they are so mean. No wonder why people keep looking at me when I’m in the same elevator for a few days. I’m sneaky, I greet and ignore. They probably think I’m doing that dirty job.”

I only encouraged her with a few sentences, and at first I thought for sure, there would be another story to make the whole floor rumble, for example: “I see that girl A often goes home early in the day, probably doesn’t have a job, so she goes to work here”.

Tools to “sneak peek” on women

“This little chest is so ooh”

“The sister in the xx room has a nice figure to”…

It is not difficult to hear these words when accidentally walking behind the men walking down the gymnasium. At first, they were reading the newspaper, discussing a certain hot supermodel.

But no, looking at the phone screen for 2s is enough for me to clearly see the image cut from the security camera of my apartment. The main female character is none other than the sisters in the apartment.

The photos are cropped, zoomed in close-up to record the image of sisters dressed “cool” when at home, out in the hallway chatting, or even just going swimming…

Everything was taken by the “goat” men, cut, and then murmured and commented on each other with delight. Unknowingly, the security camera that does anti-theft is now a tool to “abet” the men as a cheap pastime.

Apartment camera: Magic eye to protect residents or spying tool of prying neighbors?  - Photo 4.

Then, the “goat” men in the apartment complex cut the image of the security camera in the apartment if they can capture the image of a girl dressed in cool clothes, casually watching and then talking to each other. Illustration

So sometimes, I wish I could live in an environment where there are no inquisitive people, meddling in other people’s affairs, and not even the “magic eyes” who specialize in privacy. Or else, restrict the viewer, don’t let anyone have access to the security camera like that. Otherwise, life in bondage is no different from “imprisonment”, infringing on each other’s privacy.

That’s why there is the story “the story inside the house has not been revealed, the alley is open”, not only because we have “talkative neighbors” but also because of the security cameras that are like “undercover agents” because Everyone has access.

Just looking at the picture, you will guess the “program”, and then will refine a few “small” details and tell the story to the whole floor or even the apartment. .

To be honest, I’m afraid to live in a house where “divine eyes” follow “4 directions and 8 directions”, just walking out the door is all you need to dress up, hone self-contained living skills. and immune to all the troubles of the opponent.

Thus, you are not an employee every year appearing on the sidewalk news recorded from the apartment security camera and edited by the neighbors! 20210716234559155.chn

According to Minh Khoi

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