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The people who fuel the SEA Games

HanoiOnly in the afternoon of May 17, Le Nguyet and her two children “ran” through three centers and stadiums to cheer on athletes competing at Sea Games 31.

This is the third day, her parents and children are present at the competition points to fuel the fire for the Vietnamese players. “I can arrange the time I schedule to go because I don’t want my children to miss the regional sporting event,” shared a 42-year-old woman from Ha Dong district.

But my mother and I did not go alone. She and 10 other families went to see archery, athletics and basketball because they knew there would be a Vietnamese team to compete. According to the plan, at 1 pm, Ms. Nguyet and the group went to the National Sports Training Center to watch archery; At more than 3pm, they went to My Dinh Stadium to watch the athletics competition and on the same evening crossed 15 km again to be present at the Thanh Tri District Gymnasium to cheer for basketball. Before, she was going to take her children to see wushu, but the yard was too crowded, so she had to change to another subject.

They arrived at the Thanh Tri District Gymnasium an hour before the game, but the stands were already full. Ten families accompanying her scattered to find a place, many latecomers had to watch because the yard was too busy. “I don’t think sports that were once considered unattractive, picky fans, are so crowded,” she said and shared her impression of enthusiastic cheering for both her home and friend teams, in the audience. radio.

“Going to the field, the children will feel proud when they directly feel the unyielding competitive spirit of the athletes. This is also a good opportunity to educate patriotism, national pride and cultivate more. skills, life experience. Fortunately, my two children really liked it and asked their mother for more. Going all day was tiring but worth it, because the whole family had memorable moments,” she said.

The moment the fans at Thanh Tri District Gymnasium cheered when the Vietnamese basketball team scored a goal, on the evening of May 17.  Photo: Character provided

Fans at Thanh Tri District Gymnasium cheered when the Vietnamese basketball team scored, on the evening of May 17. Image: Characters provided

Thanh Tri district gymnasium has a capacity of 1,500 seats, close to the competition time it was full, especially at stands A and B. Many fans who came later were forced to stand or sit at the entrances.

“Especially on the days of basketball matches, the fans cheered enthusiastically, professionally, regardless of age or gender. The days when the Vietnamese team didn’t play, there were still many people coming to watch. The sparse situation in the stands has not happened,” said a leader of Thanh Tri District Gymnasium.

Two hours before the finals of 10,000 m for women and 100 m for men of the Vietnamese athletics team on the afternoon of May 18, Nguyen Han, 28 years old, from Cau Giay district, was present at My Dinh stadium. Trying to come early to choose a nice seat, but the parking lot was crowded, the long line of people waiting to enter the yard made Han surprised. “I thought the scene was only in football matches, now it appears in athletics, swimming, archery and many other sports. There are at least 15,000 people in the stands,” she said.

Since the opening day of the 31st SEA Games, the office worker has spent two hours a day cheering for the Vietnamese team. “I can’t go to all matches due to the overlapping schedule and distribution in many provinces. But every day I try to go to a gymnasium, a stadium around Hanoi,” Han said.

Busy work, many times Han has to bring a laptop into the yard, take advantage of breaks to solve work. Many people advised to watch the replay on television, Han refused: “I want to cheer on the field and encourage the spirit of the home team. I am afraid that the Vietnamese team will play at home without an audience, the spirit is certain. definitely affected,” Han said.

But nearly a week of cheering, she was surprised by the stands that never ran out of fire. People cheering, carrying flags, drums, trumpets, are very crowded, even in the middle of the week.

Nguyen Han took advantage of the work on his personal computer during the break at My Dinh stadium, Nam Tu Liem district, on the afternoon of May 18.  Photo: Quynh Nguyen

Nguyen Han took advantage of the work on his personal computer during the break at My Dinh stadium, Nam Tu Liem district, on the afternoon of May 18. Image: Quynh Nguyen.

“At SEA Games 31, each athletics competition on average attracts more than 10,000 spectators out of a total of 40,000 seats at My Dinh Stadium,” said Nguyen Trong Ho, Director of the National Sports Complex. According to Mr. Ho, at this SEA Games, the number of spectators is about 20 times higher than that of other tournaments. Two, three hours before the match, people lined up to enter the field. Spectators choose to sit at the finish line, the long jump, pole vault or push throw for convenience.

The director of the Sports Complex added that a large number of spectators came to cheer in many sports, not only football. Some private competition areas such as swimming and archery sometimes have to close or stop accepting spectators because the competition points are overloaded. “We were very surprised when fans came to see a lot, especially the medal round,” said Mr. Ho.

Not only My Dinh stadium, many other centers and gymnasiums also recorded overcrowding, the stands were empty.

“It is pride, national pride,” said Dr. Nguyen Anh Hong, a cultural researcher. According to her, the fact that people lined up and sat on the stands at the 31 SEA Games to cheer them on showed both their love of sport and their desire to relieve their mind after a long stretch of time. way because of disease.

Following each match closely, Ms. Hong noticed that the Vietnamese audience cheering was increasingly civilized, showing the spirit of fair play, not only for the home team but also for the friend team. “They bring to the audience a vibrant, enthusiastic atmosphere instead of focusing on winning or losing,” the researcher said. Compared to the 23rd SEA Games held in Vietnam 19 years ago, Ms. Hong noticed a rapid increase in the number of cheering people, not only teenagers but also people over 60 years old.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nhung, 70 years old, president of the Outdoor Health Club for middle-aged and elderly people, Thanh Tri district is an example.

On the evening of May 17, she and her friends brought drums, trumpets, and national flags to the district gymnasium to cheer for the Vietnamese basketball team, even though she admitted that she “didn’t understand deeply” about this subject. “I hope the athletes compete with high determination. Sport is about uniting and connecting people, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Because I was so excited, I had to invite my friends to watch it live. This is one of the many subjects I have in the stands,” said Ms. Nhung.

According to Dr. Nguyen Anh Hong, the fact that the elderly group is afraid to go to crowded and noisy places, but their appearance on the stands at the SEA Games, proves that the spirit of Vietnamese people love sports has increased.

“Many people expressed that immersing themselves in the exciting atmosphere, witnessing the top goals makes them look younger. Especially at special events of the country,” the researcher said.

Mr. Dang Viet came to cheer for the sports dance team at the Long Bien District Gymnasium, on the afternoon of May 16.  Photo: The Quynh

Mr. Dang Viet came to cheer for the sports dance team at the Long Bien District Gymnasium, on the afternoon of May 16. Image: The Quynh

Mr. Dang Viet, from Ba Dinh district, went to the Long Bien District Gymnasium to watch the sports dance final on May 16. Tried to arrive nearly two hours before the game time, but the stands were packed with people. “Perhaps this is one of the few times when the arena of dance sports is so crowded,” said the 37-year-old, who has never missed a day of dance sport since qualifying.

Due to the specificity of the exam, fans are not allowed to shout or beat the drums, fearing that contestants will lose focus. “But that does not reduce the enthusiasm in the stands. Fans like me hope to give more motivation to the Vietnamese team to achieve the best results. But the final venue is only a few hundred seats, Many fans have to watch or return, a bit regretful,” said Viet.

As for Nguyet’s family, before the SEA Games are over, she will go with her children to watch many other matches. “Once in 19 years, I hope to leave a special mark for my children in the spirit of national solidarity and teamwork in top matches,” she said.

Impressive fans at SEA Games stadiums full of spectators

The stands were full of spectators at the 31st SEA Games. Video: The Quynh – Tuan Viet – Anh Phu

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