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The risk of famine lasting many years

Speaking at the conference on Food Security took place at the United Nations headquarters in New York (USA) on May 18, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, the meeting Russia-Ukraine conflict is increasing the situation food insecurity globally, which has been made worse by global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In just two years, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity has doubled, from 135 million before the pandemic to 276 million today. In the context of the global food crisis becoming more and more serious, Secretary General Guterres said that he is increasing close contact with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the US and the European Union (EU) to restore it. grain exports of Ukraine.

The risk of a famine lasting many years - Photo 1.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at the Ministerial meeting on global food security, May 18, 2022. (Photo: AP)

He called on Russia to facilitate the safe export of grain at Ukrainian ports, stressing that Russian food and fertilizers “must have full and unrestricted access to world markets.” . It is estimated that there are currently about 22 million tons of grain in stock in Ukraine that need to be exported.

Due to the influence of Russia’s special military campaign, seaports in Ukraine such as Odessa or Chornomorsk have been delayed.

Meanwhile, Russia is the world’s leading supplier of fertilizers and gas.

Conflict and economic sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia have disrupted supplies of fertilizer, wheat and other commodities to both countries, driving up food and fuel prices. especially in developing countries.

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