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The small action of the container truck driver made netizens sob, happy all day!

May 19, 2022 09:56 GMT+7

The clip recording beautiful images on the street is going viral on social networks.

The clip captured by the container truck’s dashcam recording the situation on Dong Nai bridge (located on National Highway 1A connecting Binh Duong and Dong Nai provinces) is receiving hundreds of thousands of views, comments and shares from residents. netizens.

According to the driver who shared the clip on social networks, at 8:48 am on May 16, the entrance to Binh Duong port was blocked by traffic, so the traffic was too large, the vehicles were difficult to move and had to go up the sidewalk.

At that time, there was a motorbike driver carrying bulky goods behind him and he still couldn’t cross the road. Very quickly, the driver of the container truck with a dashcam stopped the vehicle and signaled the driver of the container truck next to give way to the motorbike. Then he ran to help push the motorbike to the other lane.

“The number of cars is too crowded, helping him with a hand is also helping himself. Safe and happy”, shared container truck driver.

The small but meaningful action of the container truck driver received a “rain” of praise from the online community:

You are so wonderful. Drivers should never forget that they used to ride motorbikes before holding the wheel, so they have to understand the psychology a bit”;

“Thank you, driver brother who is cute and acts nice. Just like that makes me happy all day”;

“Release your heart to the driver. Wish the driver a thousand safe miles. I used to ride a motorbike on a road with many container trucks like this, very scared”;

“The driver is so good, 10 points. I cross the street to another car and give me a nod to say thank you”;

“I’m terribly afraid of container trucks. Sometimes there are super cute drivers, but sometimes there are people who run very recklessly. Your actions are very good. Wish you a thousand miles of peace!”;

“Riding the car on the main road is the most afraid of crossing the street. Using your eyes to look at the car for help to give way to pass, not everyone can do it like the driver. Thank you and wish you thousands of safe miles.”

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH


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