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The truth behind the cake is hunted by young people this summer

Blueberry yoghurt flavored sponge cake – a unique flavor on the market

When it comes to summer, young people often want to find cool dishes, dispel the hot, muggy air. The sponge cake is subconsciously associated with the sweet taste of basic ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and milk. At first glance, is sponge cake a suitable dish in the summer? This product Tipo blueberry yoghurt cake is completely different from all previous sponge cakes.

The product has a new youthful, sweet and gentle ice cream flavor that is the perfect combination of yogurt and blueberry juice, bringing a delicious and attractive taste, a balance between sour and sweet, harmoniously blended. , complete when enjoying.

The truth behind the cake is hunted by young people this summer - Photo 1.

Tipo blueberry yoghurt – flavor reigns

Yogurt has a delicious taste from milk, mild sourness. Blueberries have a light sweet taste and rich aroma, when eating for the first time, customers will feel a slight acrid taste, but gradually they will feel the unique and irresistible taste. Yogurt mixed with blueberries brings a new and unique taste experience; follow the trend of favorite flavors of today’s youth.

Yogurt and blueberry are the “throne” flavors in 2022. This is also the pioneering blueberry yoghurt flavored sponge cake on the Vietnamese market.

Eye-catching, convenient design, hot trend purple version

New to the market, but with an attractive “outlook”, different from the competition, Tipo blueberry yogurt quickly attracts all eyes. Tipo Ice Cream Yogurt and Blueberry Ice Cream Roll has an eye-catching purple packaging, fresh and youthful design style, showing the typical colors of yogurt and blueberry ingredients and is very “popular” a lot. young friends.

The truth behind the cake is hunted by young people this summer - Photo 2.

Tipo purple hot trend is sought by young people

This “small but mighty” cake is not only a daily snack but also a bridge to help you share sweet moments with your loved ones in your family, energizing you to be active. a long, enduring day.

Production technology from the leading factory in Southeast Asia

Fascinating taste, eye-catching design, keeping up with trends is not enough, Tipo Blueberry Yogurt produced at Friendship Food Factory owns the leading technology in Southeast Asia. Products are manufactured in a self-contained manner on modern machinery lines imported from Germany. This is the most advanced and improved technology line, helping to keep many nutrients, vitamins and flavors of the product. In addition to Tipo Blueberry Yogurt, other products of Huu Nghi Food are also produced here and are widely popular in other fastidious markets such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar. …

Currently, all Tipo brand cakes have been distributed at many grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets nationwide such as Winmart, Go!, Aeon Mall, Mega Market… or bought online at Shopee , Sendo, Tiki. Customers should find reputable sales addresses to buy genuine quality products.

Huu Nghi Food was established in 1997, now is one of the leading prestigious companies in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and trading all kinds of cakes, confectionery and food with brands recognized by millions of people. trusted users such as Tipo, Staff, Gold Daisy, Moon cake, Tet jam…


Address: No. 122 Dinh Cong, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0243.664.9451 (Northern) 0868,523.139 (Southern)

Website: www.huunghi.com.vn


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