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There are two “houses” but still the child “no family”

After 11 years of living together, the parents decided to go their separate ways because their father was heartless and only focused on making money. For me, home is just a place to come home after a long and tiring day, I see my mother as an unpaid “osin”, the only thing I can do is bring home a lot of money for both mother and daughter.

But that is not all that I need, I need a husband who cares, cares for the family, is always beside me to encourage and share with me. I want to go to the supermarket with my father to buy things, drive home with him for the weekend, go to the cinema with him to see a new movieā€¦ but I have to do it alone because my dad is busy.

After my parents divorced, I followed my mother to rent a house, at first my father still visited regularly, but since my mother had a new “boyfriend”, my father stopped coming.

Mom and “boyfriend” dated for about half a year, then got married because she had a baby. My uncle is a man who is the complete opposite of his father, although he does not earn much money, he is very considerate and thoughtful, maybe because of his mother’s cravings, he drove for 30 minutes at midnight to buy the food she liked. . Mother and uncle also went to buy things for the baby together, and uncle personally chose each shirt, each milk towel meticulously.

Mom is so happy that she finally found the man of her dreams. After the mother gave birth, the baby was difficult, so the mother was busier and did not have time to pay attention to the child, the presence of the child in the house was only cared for by the maid.

One day, I asked my mom and dad’s permission to let me stay with my dad, both of them agreed. When leaving, my mother also told me to “go over to Italy to stay with my father, but whenever you want, come back here, this is also your home”.

Going to my father, we both go to the restaurant every day, so we order food to eat because I’m busy and I don’t have time to cook and I don’t know how to cook anything. I’m tired of greasy fast food, craving a normal meal of braised fish with pickles, but I don’t dare say it out loud for fear of my father’s anger.

One day, I was happy to announce that my father and I would end the days of eating out, switch to eating at home, and I’m going to get married. Dad’s new wife is a very beautiful woman, she also has a daughter 1 year younger than you.

She continued to take the place of her mother, day by day with pure water, clean house, fragrant clothes for the whole family. It’s just that I’m not used to seeing her in the kitchen wearing your mother’s apron, nor am I used to seeing her sleeping in the same bed that you and I used to share.

Once, when I came home early from school, she saw her secretly feeding her child chicken thighs and told her not to show it to me. Dad is busy, aunt favors stepchildren, grandparents are far away, I don’t know who to talk to.

Finally, I moved back to live with my grandparents in the countryside. So the two grandparents became “parents” at the age of 60, bringing their children to school every day with rice and water. The two grandparents who live alone always look forward to their grandchildren coming home to have fun, but this “return” is so painful. But what can I do, I only have the last fulcrum of grandparents, if this house is no longer welcome, a 9-year-old child knows where to go in the middle of a long and wide life.

Every day, when I see my grandchild grow up by himself, eat, play, arrange books by himself, grandparents buy whatever they can use without asking, come home from school and help her take care of the chickens, never see him go out, but the picture shows. like it has no friends at all. Seeing you understand the story is heartbreaking, where is the innocence of age.

When divorcing adults, they automatically think that they are the one who suffers the most, everyone admits that they are pitiful, that they are the victim. They believe that the decision to divorce is the best option to free both of them and bring happiness to their children. But he accidentally pushed his child into a lonely, lost situation that could not be shared with anyone.

On the day of the court, they vowed to make up for the child, not to let the child feel sorry for himself or needy. But a short time later, when they found a new person they thought was their “destiny”, they became the bride and groom again. Concerns for the new family and the birth of new childrenā€¦ their visits to their children dwindled and eventually disappeared.

In the end, we will find another piece of the puzzle that is more suitable for us, only children suffer the most when a family is broken. The spouse who left one person can marry another, but the child still has both parents, but is it any different from an “orphaned” child, they have “two houses” but no matter where they go, they are just “guests”. ” never mind. Please think twice before you sign the divorce papers, save the marriage while you still can. This life is impermanent, emotions will change, emotions are temporary, it’s all just a choice.

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