Tien Linh took off his shirt to celebrate, Coach Park Hang Seo was not satisfied

Tien Linh is the hero of U23 Vietnam when he scored the goal in extra time, helping the home team beat Malaysia U23. After hitting the opponent’s net, the home team’s No. 9 striker took off his shirt to celebrate and was given a yellow card.

“I think the players should have a temper, have a mindset and should not receive unwarranted cards. The players should avoid situations like that.”Coach Park Hang Seo talked about Tien Linh getting a yellow card for taking off his shirt to celebrate a goal. This card did not make the striker of U23 Vietnam suspended, but the Korean leader still reminded his students to avoid this in the future.

In addition, the head coach of U23 Vietnam also does not want to give praise to Tien Linh. He emphasized that the decisive goal to bring the home team to the SEA Games 31 men’s football final was the result of collective efforts.

Tien Linh took off his shirt to celebrate, Coach Park Hang Seo was not satisfied - 1

Tien Linh took off his shirt to celebrate the goal.

“Tien Linh scored a goal, but this goal is not Tien Linh’s own, but thanks to the efforts of many other teammates. I commend Tien Linh, but he is not the only one who made that goal. This is the team’s efforts. “, Korean military leader said.

Evaluating the overall performance of U23 Vietnam, Coach Park Hang Seo admitted that his students still have many points to improve. However, this is a match where U23 Vietnam implemented the right strategy and won good results.

“I always hope the players play with the right tactics and the game goes according to my plan. But football has many errors, the players play with their feet, so what happens may not be like me. think in head”, Head coach of U23 Vietnam said.

“Today the players tried to do exactly what I asked. The result is the most important thing. Of course the team has many points to improve but the important thing is to focus on the final game.” .

Video: Tien Linh’s golden goal

U23 Vietnam will face U23 Thailand in the 31st SEA Games men’s football final. It is likely that the home team will not have the service of Le Van Xuan in this match. The injury of the defender wearing the number 2 shirt does not seem light.

“Van Xuan was taken to the hospital by ambulance. It takes an imaging test to know for sure, but Van Xuan’s ability to play in the final is a bit difficult.” Coach Park Hang Seo said. The Korean leader also said that he, along with the coaching staff and players, had studied the video to prepare a plan to deal with Thailand U23.

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