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Top 5 Miss Bien Lam Thu Hong shows off her sexy figure

Top 5 Miss Vietnam sea Lam Thu Hong favorably chooses cut-out designs showing off her toned waist and sexy body.

Lam Thu Hong just appeared in a fashion event in Ho Chi Minh City. The beauty wore a dress with a sexy cut, showing off the curves among the beauties.

Lam Thu Hong actively works out in the gym regularly to keep her measurements standard. Expensive beauty shows events, acts fashion and is teaching catwalk classes for the younger generation of models.

After the epidemic period, Lam Thu Hong is actively working with many plans of her own. In addition to the showbiz job, she also runs a natural beauty business and learns more degrees to carry out a new business project.

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Lam Thu Hong owns a height of 1.72 m and measures three rounds of 90-60-95 cm. Her toned body and sexy curves help her confidently show off her figure with tight-fitting dresses or bikinis.

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Lam Thu Hong pursues trendy and sexy fashion. She takes care of the dress with the desire to bring a beautiful and well-groomed image every time she appears in front of the crowd.

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Received many invitations to participate in domestic and international competitions, but now Lam Thu Hong wants to spend time on her own business projects and support young model classes. She actively learns English as well as hones her skills to serve her job well.

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Thu Hong regularly travels between Saigon and Vung Tau to visit family every weekend and runs a natural beauty branch there. She also often takes beautiful photos at the scenic spots of Vung Tau to promote her homeland’s tourism. “As the top 5 Miss Vietnam sea, I hope that I will contribute somewhat to help Vung Tau beach tourism develop more,” she shared.

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Beautiful Lam Thu Hong celebrates her 25th birthday with hot photos

In the set of photos to celebrate the age of 25, Top 5 Miss Vietnam beach Lam Thu Hong wears a bikini at the skyscraper infinity pool.

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