Two books clearly show the role of science and technology in the face of social upheaval

Appearing at the end of 2019, the Covid 19 epidemic has quickly become a global epidemic, making nearly 500 million people sick and nearly 5 million deaths, causing trillions of dollars in damage to the world economy. … and this number has not stopped. However, with the emergence of vaccines of which the mRNA vaccines BioNTech- Pfizer and Astra Zeneca were the first two approved vaccines, the epidemic situation has improved significantly. helping normal life is gradually returning in many countries around the world.

The mRNA vaccine: Conquering the COVID-19 pandemic from an inside look

The book “MRNA Vaccine: Conquering the COVID-19 Pandemic from an Inside View” by author Joe Miller helps readers to accompany two scientists Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin, and staff of They are part of BioNTech Company on the way to find the first vaccine to save humanity in response to epidemic disasters: the COVID-19 vaccine BioNTech-Pfizer using mRNA technology.

In this story, readers will see their energy as well as their inspirational story in facing and overcoming many difficulties and obstacles in their work to bring effective solutions to mankind. during the pandemic.

Born and raised in a family of Turkish origin who were stigmatized as low-income vegetable traders, scientist couple Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin often faced contempt. , hate.

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As for the work, funded by venture capital firms, they founded BioNTech Biotechnology in Mainz (capital of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate). In which Uğur Şahin holds the role of chief executive officer, and his wife is medical director. However, the development of pharmaceutical drugs based on mRNA technology that Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin have focused on for many years is also despised by the scientific community, considered impossible, even ridiculed. However, with their ability and bravery, as soon as the Covid epidemic showed signs of an outbreak, they quickly recognized the risk and persuaded the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors to redirect investment in vaccine development. against this dangerous disease.

The pair of scientists is considered extremely brave and full of compassion when making this decision in the context that BioNTech, after 11 years of operation, is suffering from accumulated debt of up to $ 400 million, and If the move to develop a Covid 19 vaccine fails, it could be the end of the company’s existence.

Huge financial resources to put research into a multicenter clinical trial program with tens of thousands of volunteers in many countries, to meet the rigorous scientific and regulatory requirements; then building vaccine factories… are other big challenges they have to deal with; not to mention political troubles and barriers, baseless rumors…

Overcoming the difficulties and challenges, when the pandemic occurred, in just 9 months they were able to create a vaccine that effectively copes with the disease, instead of taking years, even decades. still does not cut out any step in the vaccine development process, ensuring its effectiveness as well as safety.

Vaxxer: The story of Oxford scientists’ race to develop a vaccine against Covid 19

The book Vaxxer reveals to readers “one of the most extraordinary stories in the history of medicine” that two authors and two scientists Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr. Catherine Green contributed greatly to writing. Candlestick.

That’s extraordinary because the routine development of a vaccine takes an average of 10 years. Meanwhile, Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green and colleagues at the University of Oxford have been developing the AstraZeneca vaccine in just under a year.

Their success has to do with the foundational vaccine development technology that Professor Sarah Gilbert and her team have developed since 2014, when Ebola, an extremely scary disease, broke out in Guinea, Africa.

For some reason, the Ebola vaccine developed by her team could not complete phase III trials; However, Prof. Gilbert’s team has developed ChAdOxd1 – or non-replicating recombinant monkey adenovirus vector vaccine platform technology, which can be used to develop many different vaccines.

Vaccine mRNA and Vaxxers: Two books that clearly show the role of science and technology in the face of social upheaval - Photo 2.

Transparency in the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the book “Vaxxers” provides peace of mind to those who have, are and will decide to use this vaccine. In addition, the three appendices at the end of the book also provide readers with brief information about the development methods, the vaccines currently available in the world and specifically all the components of AstraZeneca and its effects.

Introducing the ChAdOx1-based vaccine development technology, the two authors gave the message: this is a very important step, helping them to shorten the vaccine production process to the shortest time as they did with the COVID vaccine. 19; and is key so they can continue to contribute to addressing challenges as the virus continues to mutate or another dangerous epidemic may emerge in the future.

Because with this platform, scientists do not need to repeat all the work when developing a new vaccine. Knowledge of manufacturing, storage, injection doses, testing methods, etc. can be applied to any vaccine.

“Vaxxer: The Story of Oxford Scientists’ Race to Develop a Vaccine Against Covid 19”, and “MRNA Vaccine: Conquering the COVID-19 Pandemic from an Inside Look” are two books that help. readers can better understand the development process of two vaccines that have made great contributions to the fight against the Covid 19 epidemic; as well as a better understanding of scientists with the difficulties they have to go through, the misunderstandings they are attributed to… their bravery as well as their extraordinary efforts in contributing to the development of science learn. From there, the public can see more clearly the important salient role of science and technology in the face of social upheaval, helping scientists themselves to be more firmly on the path they have chosen; and even better, young people will be inspired to walk on that path, to bring great progress to mankind. call-2022051922292922.chn

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