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VinFast VF 8 drift is cool on the snowy roads in Europe

VinFast VF 8’s technical display on difficult terrain delights viewers.

Recently, the international media has published a picture of a VinFast VF 8 is testing on snow in Germany. This is one of the important stages in assessing the performance of cars sold in Europe – where there are harsh winters with heavy snowfall.

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The Vietnamese car company has not announced details about this test, but it can be seen that the VinFast VF 8 prototype appears in a new series of photos that have performed a number of exercises such as drifting on the snow, testing at different speeds,. ..

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In addition to the engine, features such as lights, technology, air conditioning, etc. will also be tested in freezing conditions. The obtained data will be important information for VinFast to adjust the product before selling the commercial version globally.

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Before that, a few white VF 8s were brought to the US for public testing on the road. However, based on the image, it can be seen that this test car in Europe is not the version for the country of flags.

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In January 2022, a camouflaged VinFast VF 8 was spotted while charging at a public charging station in Turkey.

VinFast VF 8 is an electric SUV renamed from VF e35 – a model introduced at LA Auto Show 2021. According to the announcement, VF8 is open for sale in Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Israel. In Vietnam, the car has also been opened for sale and is currently just waiting to be handed over.

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The car has 2 version options: Eco and Plus. The starting price of VF 8 in Vietnam is VND 1,057 billion. In Europe, for example in Germany, the price of VF 8 is from 43,600 euros (1,056 billion VND), not much different from the price in Vietnam.

The above prices do not include batteries and batteries are provided as a rental. As expected, VinFast will only apply 100% battery rental in Europe in 2023, and by 2024, only half will be provided as a rental and the other half will sell batteries by vehicle. At that time, cars sold with batteries will cost significantly more.

In addition, VinFast VF 8 also has an optional package of ADAS and Smart Services. According to the latest announcement of VinFast, in Europe, this package is called VinFast Smart Driving, with a one-time payment of 7,250 euros, or 150 euros for a monthly payment package.

VinFast VF 8 has the same size as Mercedes-Benz GLC or Hyundai Santa Fe. This model has modern equipment such as full-LED lights, 15.4-inch screen, panoramic sunroof, smart technology features. The electric motor has a capacity of 402 horsepower, 640 Nm of torque and 4-wheel drive system. Two versions of VF 8 give a range of about 460-510 km after a single charge.

According to Le Anh (Vietnamese people)

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