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When should you replace your computer keyboard?

Here are some times when you might consider an alternative keyboard his old.

Heavy keys

If you type a lot in a day, especially for work, it’s important to have lightweight keys to type on.

For those who own mechanical keyboard, you’ll know how easy and seamless it is to type on a keyboard. With almost no pressure, you feel as if you can type at lightning speed without finger fatigue. These types of keyboards are perfect for fast typists or anyone who appreciates a fun typing experience.

So, if you find your keyboard makes it hard to type after a while, or if it’s uncomfortable to use, consider upgrading.

Uncomfortable typing experience

Keyboards come in different sizes and layouts. The smaller the keyboard, the fewer keys there are. The size and layout of your keyboard will affect your typing experience. However, this is very dependent on the individual. Some people may find the keyboard smaller to be more comfortable to use for long hours. While another person may feel more uncomfortable and want more space.

Depending on what feels best to you, you may find another keyboard to use that is much more comfortable in terms of size and layout. You will benefit greatly by upgrading to a keyboard that is completely comfortable for you.

Some keys are broken

We’re not talking about faded, barely visible keys. We are talking about non-enterable keys on computer your device, gets stuck when pressed down or pops out when typing.

There are many ways to fix broken keys. You should try before you decide to replace your entire keyboard, especially if the keyboard you have is expensive. However, if you don’t want to repair the board, use software to fix the keys, or swap out the keycaps, then buying a new keyboard might be the best option. Don’t forget to check if your keyboard is still under warranty for a free replacement.

Too noisy

While some people may like the sound of clicking while typing, it can be annoying for others. This is especially true if you are entering text in a quiet environment, such as at night. If your keyboard becomes too noisy for yourself or others’ comfort, try muting the keys or consider replacing them.

There are different types of keyboards with different noise levels. For example, mechanical keyboards are known to be quite squeaky and loud. Meanwhile, some keyboards have diaphragms or rubber surrounds that are designed to be as quiet as possible. There are certainly plenty of options for those who need or prefer a silent typing experience.

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