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Wife gets slapped in the middle of the night for treating her husband’s snoring in a unique way

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Dr. BS Nguyen Dinh Lien

In fact, physiological weakness needs to be clearly distinguished whether it is accompanied by poor erection or premature ejaculation. In the case of your husband and wife, having sex for less than 2 minutes means that your husband has premature ejaculation. During sex, especially at climax, the body needs a lot of oxygen. People who snore often have problems with their airways, so the amount of oxygen in the body is low, so in many cases when having sex, they will have a state of stopping breathing, which is very dangerous.

People who lack oxygen, of course, have poor sex and may ejaculate prematurely, but this is only relative because it depends on many other factors. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to see a doctor to get the most accurate diagnosis.

Specifically, you should encourage your husband to go to the ear, nose and throat examination to see if there is a problem with the respiratory tract, if the tonsils are okay… Even, your husband needs to have a male and cardiovascular examination to have the main intervention direction. most accurate.

In addition, people who snore are also prone to sleep apnea, leading to death without knowing it. In many cases, when husband and wife lie together, the husband’s death is thought to be due to high blood pressure, but in fact they have sleep apnea syndrome.

In particular, the wife absolutely should not cure her husband, because being not careful will cause her husband’s death. My advice is that the husband should go to specialists such as otolaryngology, cardiology, and male medicine for the best treatment and treatment.

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