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Windows forces to use Microsoft Edge browser when searching

The Windows Desktop (screen) search tool only displays content on the Microsoft Edge browser, regardless of whether the user sets another application as the default.

Browser Microsoft Edge default on Windows operating system for computers, but users often ignore it to replace it with popular web browsing applications such as Firefox, Chrome. Many people even joke that Microsoft Edge is the most popular software to download other browsers on Microsoft’s platform.

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This, of course, cannot please the “software giant”, so it has long sought to entice users every time they intend to use Edge to download. other browser about the machine. Windows Search always uses Edge by default to display results. And recently, Microsoft has moved even further when launching a search engine from the Desktop in the Windows 11 Dev Channel build update (for developers to try it out) to continue forcing users to stick with Edge.

The search experience on build number 25120 is emphasized by the company by attaching a search engine in the center of the Desktop. And New feature “doesn’t respect” the user’s default browser usage setting, forcing them to use Microsoft Edge instead.

The problem was first publicized by Rafael Rivera – a programmer – on his personal Twitter page. He said the search feature from the Desktop always returns results on Edge, ignoring the default browser settings on the device. Rafael also posted evidence that he left Google Chrome as his default browser, but Desktop Search automatically turned on Microsoft Edge to show search results.

Anyway, this is still a beta version, which means that this forced behavior of using Microsoft Edge browser is unlikely to exist on updates official release for Windows in the near future. But considering the fact that some Windows features are still using Edge by default, ignoring user settings, the above problem is highly likely to come true.

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