1 “golden time” to drink, 3 mistakes to avoid

Recently, the situation of children infected with Rota virus, with signs of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting … is increasingly common. According to the Department of Preventive Health, acute diarrhea caused by Rota virus is a common disease in young children with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, which can easily lead to cardiovascular collapse and death if not treated promptly.

Medical experts said that Rotavirus usually exists on hands, floors, surrounding objects… They often attack quickly and strongly on children’s weak digestive system, causing severe diarrhea, loss of appetite and loss of life. water, even causing death for children if not timely intervention.

For parents, probiotics (also known as probiotics, probiotics) are the leading product to help stabilize the child’s digestive system and shorten the treatment time for diarrhea. That makes probiotics a hotter commodity than ever.

With just a few simple steps of searching online, parents can easily find probiotic products with prices ranging from 100 thousand to 400-500 thousand dong.

Ms. PT (owner of a pharmacy in An Khanh, Hoai Duc) said that in recent days, she sells an average of 20-40 vials of probiotics every day. Some parents even buy pre-made probiotics in the house in case their children show signs of timely use.

Ms. NL (Dong Da, Hanoi) said: “Recently, most of the children in my street have diarrhea. Everyone tells each other that they should go and buy probiotics, if there is one, buy it. If you see any signs that your child will use it immediately, it will be fine. This morning, I also rushed to buy it, but it took a few pharmacies to buy it because it was out of stock.”

It can be seen that probiotics are an extremely expensive product in recent times. However, there are countless types of probiotics on the market. What are probiotics really? Any notes when using?

What are probiotics? What is the effect of probiotics?

Doctor Tran Anh Quan (Pediatrics Department, Saint Paul Hospital) assessed that probiotic supplementation is one of the things parents need to do as soon as their child has diarrhea but cannot take the child to the hospital.

In fact, probiotics are defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “living microorganisms that, when administered in sufficient quantities, confer a health benefit to the host”. Probiotics are available without a prescription, are added to many food sources, such as dairy products, breakfast cereals, baby formula, and are included in some cosmetic products.

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Studies show that probiotics are effective in the prevention and management of digestive disorders, infectious diarrhea, and antibiotics. In addition, probiotics have also been shown to reduce the frequency and duration of upper respiratory tract infections, reduce weight gain and insulin resistance, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

What should parents pay attention to when giving their children anti-diarrheal probiotics?

1. Golden time to drink

According to DS. Nguyen Thi Trang, probiotic supplements should be used in the morning or after breakfast. Because during this time the acid in the stomach is at its lowest, creating conditions for probiotics to exist. Ensure that the beneficial bacteria can safely move from the stomach to the intestines. Parents should check the recommended use instructions on the product information label to ensure correct use and adequate dose.

2. 3 things not to do when using probiotics for children

Dr. Dinh Thac (Children’s Hospital 1) shared the following notes when giving children probiotics:

– Do not mix probiotics into hot water or hot foods because high temperatures can affect the activity of probiotics.

– You should take probiotics 2 hours after taking antibiotics. Do not drink close to the time because the good bacteria can be destroyed by antibiotics.

– The use of probiotics for children should ensure the full dose prescribed by the doctor, parents should not arbitrarily use probiotics for children.

The doctor also revealed that one of the safest natural ways to supplement probiotics for children is to give them yogurt. Specifically, children aged 6 – 10 months should practice and feed about 50g of yogurt per day, 1-2 year olds should eat about 80g, children over 2 years old should eat 100g, which will be equivalent to a box of yogurt. Yogurt needs to be stored at a cold temperature of 6 degrees C – 8 degrees C, 15 minutes before eating. The best time to eat yogurt is 30 minutes after eating.

Buy probiotics to support the treatment of Rota virus: 1 golden time to drink, 3 mistakes to avoid - Photo 2.

According to the WHO definition: Probiotics need to identify specific strains. Capable of living stably in the gastrointestinal tract. There is clear research evidence of its effectiveness when used. Qualified and recognized for user safety. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right quality probiotics, which are researched and proven for effectiveness. It is best for parents to consult a doctor about the type of probiotics their children use, as well as the amount and safe dosage.

In addition to giving children probiotics when they have diarrhea, Dr. Tran Anh Quan also recommends that parents give their children rehydration electrolytes, however, children should not drink too many electrolytes at once, but need to drink small spoons. small sip. Even eating needs to be eaten little by little, divided into many small meals. The doctor warned parents not to abuse drugs, only giving their children anti-emetics and antibiotics when prescribed by the doctor.

Parents should take their children to the hospital as soon as their children have signs of continuous regurgitation, vomiting green and yellow bile, unable to eat, drink, fatigue, pale skin, dry lips, sunken eyes, sunken fontanelles, a lot of thirst. can’t drink. Continuous high fever, severe abdominal pain, irritability, lethargy, lethargy, convulsions… for appropriate examination and treatment.

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