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160cc engine, more comfort, new pressure for Yamaha NVX

On the morning of May 20, Honda Vietnam introduced to the market the Air Blade 2023 model with 4 versions, including 125 Standard, 125 Special, 160 Standard and 160 Special, with prices ranging from 42.09 million VND to VND 42.09 million. 57.19 million VND. Vehicles sold on the market from May 31.

VersionOld priceNew price
Honda Air Blade 125 Standard41.32 million VND42.09 million VND
Honda Air Blade 125 Special42.05 million VND43.29 million VND
Honda Air Blade 160 Standard55.99 million VND55.99 million VND
Honda Air Blade 160 Special57.19 million VND57.19 million VND

The biggest change on Honda Air Blade 2023 is the 160 version replacing the 150 version of the old life. The new version uses a single-cylinder eSP+ engine, capacity 156.9cc, 4 valves, for a capacity of 15.2 hp at 8,000 rpm, while the old 150cc engine produces 13 hp at 8,500 rpm. This 160cc engine has been equipped by the Japanese automaker for PCX and Vario. To install the 160cc engine, Honda also used a new, more compact chassis.

Honda Air Blade 2023 launched in Vietnam: 160cc engine, more comfort, new pressure for Yamaha NVX - Photo 2.

Honda Air Blade 2023 launched in Vietnam.

Version 125 retains the same engine capacity, but adds 4-valve eSP + technology, for a capacity of 11.73 horsepower, 0.33 horsepower more than the old version.

All versions increase the storage capacity by 0.5 liters, from 22.7 liters to 23.2 liters by simplifying the rear structure. The USB charging port is raised to 2.1A for faster charging. Finally, the smart key is simple to operate, users just need to press the smart switch and start it, no need to rotate the smart switch like the previous generation.

The remaining equipment and features remain unchanged. The car retains the sporty masculine design. The front of the car is bunker with LED headlights and LED positioning lights running backwards. Full LCD clock with blue background displays multiple information at the same time. Anti-lock braking technology ABS is still equipped on Honda Air Blade 160, but has not yet appeared on the 125 version.

Some other notable information can be mentioned as the weight of 113 kg (Air Blade 125) and 114 kg (Air Blade 160). Honda Air Blade 125 has dimensions of length x width x height of 1,887 x 687 x 1,092 mm respectively, while with Air Blade 160 is 1,890 x 686 x 1,116 mm. The wheelbase is 1,286 mm and the seat height is 775 mm.

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Tire size remains the same with parameters 80/90 front 90/90 rear. 14 inch copper rim. The 160 version has a larger set of tires, with 90/80 front and 100/80 rear, similar to the old 150. Honda Air Blade 2023 continues to be assembled and produced domestically. OLDIn the same price range, Honda Air Blade competes directly with Yamaha NVX, currently priced at 52.24-54.5 million VND. However, the Yamaha NVX only has a 155cc engine option

Honda Air Blade 2023 launched in Vietnam: 160cc engine, more comfort, new pressure for Yamaha NVX - Photo 5. 20220520085239969.chn

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