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7 common candidate evaluation “traps” of employers

1. Invite candidates to drink coffee

Recently, the “coffee cup” test has gradually become more popular with employers. At the beginning of the interview, the employer will offer the candidate a cup of coffee and at the end, they will notice what the candidate does with that empty cup. This is a trick that can say a lot about a candidate’s personality, including the level of integration with the team. In this case, the best decision for the candidate is to wash the cup himself.

2. Deliberately making candidates wait

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Letting candidates wait 10, 15, 20 minutes before the announced time can be another test of recruiters. This test shows how emotionally stable candidates are in stressful situations and reflects their enthusiasm and desire for the job they are applying for.

3. The recruiter suddenly raised his voice

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Raising your voice, shouting is a method of creating stress for employers, giving candidates an opportunity to show their ability to resist this negative emotion. If you accidentally fall into a situation like this, candidates should stay calm and answer questions as gently as possible.

4. The interviewer made a strange request

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During the interview, candidates may receive strange requests, such as jumping out of a window. This is a situation that employers create for candidates to show their superior thinking ability. In the case mentioned above, you could stand on the windowsill and jump back into the interview room because the request does not specify the touch point, or you could shock the interviewer by asking the opposite question: “How will the company benefit from my jump?”

5. Employers Behave Strangely

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Another trap of recruiters is behaving strangely like ignoring the candidate, working hard on other things, answering the phone and leaving in the middle of the interview… This is a test to see if the candidate will get out of the situation. How awkward, how to focus the attention of the employer. In this situation, one of the most effective options is to ask the employer to reschedule the interview to another date.

6. Introduce the candidate in front of the whole team

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This is not merely an introduction, but also an opportunity for other colleagues to evaluate the candidate.

7. Recruiter drops the pen

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To test the kindness and agility of candidates, employers may intentionally drop the pen on the floor and observe the reaction. In this case, the candidate who naturally bends down to pick up the pen will prevail over the interview.

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