9 training programs of Trade Union University achieved quality accreditation

On May 19, Trade Union University received 9 certificates of accreditation of training programs. Thus, up to the present time, the school has 100% accredited training programs that meet quality requirements.

Nine university-level training programs are assessed to meet the accreditation standards this time, including: Banking and Finance, Law, Social Work, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Sociology , Labor Protection and Labor Relations. The above training disciplines are assessed by a team of quality accreditation experts on 11 standards, 50 criteria and 150 benchmarks to ensure good quality requirements.

9 training programs of Trade Union University achieved quality accreditation - 1

9 programs/disciplines of Trade Union University meet quality accreditation standards.

One of the most prominently rated programs/disciplines this time is Business Administration, Accounting and Human Resource Management under the Faculty of Business Administration. This is also a milestone marking the success after 30 years of growth of the Faculty of Business Administration, Trade Union University. Currently, the faculty has 18 staff members and lecturers (6 doctors, 6 masters and 6 lecturers studying doctoral students).

Also at this ceremony, the University appointed two teachers with the title of Associate Professor to two teachers who were recognized by the State Council for Professor Titles as qualified for the title of associate professor, bringing the total to 10 current associate professors of the university. school.

This year, Trade Union University is expected to recruit 2,430 candidates Admissions in 11 training majors, of which Business Administration received the most quotas with 430, and English language with the least number of 30 targets.

The school applies 3 enrollment methods including: direct admission, high school graduation exam scores in 2022, and admissions based on high school results.

The school offers the expected tuition fee for students in the academic year 2022 – 2023, including: Business Administration, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Human Resource Management, Labor Relations, Law 12.3 million VND/ five; majors in Labor Protection, Social Work, Sociology, Tourism, English Language 11.8 million VND/year.

Last year, the benchmark for entering the University of Law was the highest – 25.5. Meanwhile, the Industrial Relations industry only took 15.1. The remaining industries mainly take the level of 24, some 17-19 points.

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