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After 20 years, Hanoi National University officially moved to Hoa Lac

The nearly 20-year journey of the “super project”

Construction investment projects Hanoi National University in Hoa Lac was approved by the Government in 2003 with the main goal of building the most modern and advanced university urban area in Southeast Asia.

This will also be a unified university urban area consisting of 9 member universities, 8 institutes, 13 research centers, 4 specialized high schools with a scale of more than 41,000 students.

The project is approved with an investment of 22,000 billion VND.

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On December 20, 2003, the project of Hanoi National University in Hoa Lac was officially started.

When approved, the project is invested by the Ministry of Construction. However, by the middle of 2014 – more than 10 years after the commencement date, the Hanoi National University project had just handed over 990/1,469 hectares and needed an additional 900 billion VND to continue site clearance. This delay is assessed to have both subjective and objective causes, both in terms of determination in direction and implementation as well as difficulties in resources.

By 2018, the project was transferred from the Ministry of Construction to Hanoi National University.

When the Ministry of Construction was the investor, it disbursed more than 100 billion, but the capital was left unfinished… The project transition was very difficult and difficult, due to adjustment, it took much more time and effort than the successful project. create a new project.

And in 2020 – 17 years after the commencement date – the new project is invested nearly 2,000 billion VND (nearly 10% of the approved investment level), mainly for site clearance and road construction.

This is said to be the key to the whole delay of this “super project”…

During the implementation period, this is a project that has received a lot of attention from the Government.

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During his 2016 visit and working visit, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that Vietnam National University, Hanoi, is expected to become the most modern and advanced university urban area in Southeast Asia, “with special significance.” It is important not only to Vietnam National University, Hanoi but also to the face of the whole country”.

At the meeting of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh with the leadership of Vietnam National University, Hanoi in November 2021, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to focus on completing the project with great determination, great efforts, and action. decisively, effectively with new thinking and ways of doing things.

The Prime Minister requested that the project be implemented in the direction of the national university urban area, the construction may diverge, but the planning must have a long-term vision. The Prime Minister suggested a “5 in 1” model in this university urban area: Talent training center; modern technology transfer research center; innovation center at national and international level; smart and modern university urban; center for public-private partnership testing and research training.

6 months of transformation

On the basis of the direction of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Hanoi National University has focused all its efforts on realizing the goal of bringing 15,000 students to study at Hoa Lac campus.

In just 6 months, Vietnam National University, Hanoi has had a historic transformation when basically completing all facilities such as lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, library and operating area.

On May 19, Hanoi National University officially moved its headquarters to Hoa Lac.

Prof. Le Quan – President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi – shared that on June 1, the agencies will officially work at the Executive House, marking the transformation of the entire Hanoi National University towards a new space. new development period in terms of facilities, academic life and university administration.

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Prof. Le Quan – President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi

“In the coming period, I look forward to the teachers and ask the units to continue their efforts, promote the spirit of solidarity to join hands to build the University Urban Area of ​​Hanoi National University worthy of trust. and expectations of the Party, the State and many generations of leaders, teachers, students, students” – Prof. Le Quan expressed in the first working day at the new facility.

National University, Hanoi, Hoa Lac campus is also ready with all conditions of facilities and equipment for study and research to welcome about 6,000 students to study intensively from September 2022.

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