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Among the 5 teachers and students of Tang Tang, if you had to remove 1 member, who would you eliminate?

Tang Sang and his three disciples went to Tay Thien to ask for sutras, on the way they experienced 81 tribulations together.

For a team that said, without going through difficulties, how can cultivation become righteous results?

There is a problem here is, the 4 teachers and students of Tang Tang, plus Bach Long Ma, if forced to let one person quit, who would that person be?

1. Tang Tang

Tang Tang is the leader, certainly will not be fired.

Tang Tang does not start a business alone, behind Tang Tang has a great support.

When Tang Tang set off from Truong An citadel, the emperor at that time, Ly The Dan, personally saw him off, and at the same time made a brotherhood with him.

Although he only gave Tang Zeng a horse and a clearance letter, the name “Ngu De Saint Monk” alone was enough for Tang Tang to overcome countless obstacles, no matter how many countries he passed. Take that “golden plate” out, who dares not to respect Tang Tang?

Tang Tang is the only one in the group who can “rule” all the members.

Sun Wukong was not afraid of the earth, but was still subdued by Tang Tang.

In Tang Tang there is also a valuable quality that any leader should have – perseverance.

No matter how difficult the road is, Tang Tang always perseveres with his goals, the leader is like that, the subordinates are always connected.

4 teachers and students Duong Tang and Bach Ma, in an office environment, you have to remove a member, who will you eliminate?  - Photo 1.

The movie “Journey to the West” classic version in 1986. Photo: Sohu

2. Sun Wukong

Ton Ngo Khong is the most capable person in the group, both the technical director and also the head of the security department in the company, and he is also the golden name of the team.

Sun Wukong himself also has an extremely wide social network and the name “Te Thien Dai Thanh” also has a certain deterrent effect.

On the way to work, no matter what difficulties he encounters, Ton Ngo Khong is always the first person to volunteer to solve and cope, no matter how hard he is, he does not complain, a network team desperately needs employees. dare to say dare to do, and have such responsibility.

However, the somewhat egotistical personality that easily attracts more enemies is a minus point of Ton Dai Thanh, no matter how good his ability is, if he has to fight a larger corporation, I’m afraid it will still be very difficult. young.

There is a saying, “a thousand troops are easy to obtain, a single general is difficult to demand”, Sun Wukong will certainly not be fired, such a good and controllable employee, no leader will give up.

3. Zhu Bajie

Tru Bat Gioi, thick-faced, lazy, greedy for food, likes to flatter, sleeps all day at work, eats the most, likes to pretend that I have merit.

A person who looks so full of flaws probably won’t be recruited, but why shouldn’t Chu Bat Gioi be the one who should be fired?

First of all, such a “slick talker” will leave an impression on the leader.

For example, when opening a meeting, the leader says something, arranges a certain task, no one responds, no one responds to a few sentences, thus making the atmosphere very awkward.

At this point, employees like Chu Bat Gioi are very effective, such people act as lubricants in the team to ensure the team is more cohesive and has more atmosphere.

Not only with the leader, with other employees, Tru Bat Gioi’s relationship is also very good.

A company, a group of people, really need people who “create atmosphere”, “create topics of conversation” like Tru Bat Gioi, in the midst of stressful working times, with Tru Bat Gioi, everyone will be solved. radiate, be fun.

4. Satan

Satan is probably the “greatest” member of the crew, hardworking, obedient, non-complaining, wholeheartedly loyal.

But people like Sa Tang are the most easily fired and sacrificed.

The job Sa Sang does does not require too much skill, which can easily be replaced by lower labor costs.

The monk Sa monk looks very busy, but the things that need external communication, help, public relations, or so-called “charming” activities are usually done by Ton Ngo Khong and Tru Bat. Gender do.

The company is in danger, that is, encounters “youkai”, also most of which relies on Sun Wukong.

Every day, in addition to coming to work on time, Sa Tang mostly just stays at the company, very similar to the most junior employees.

Even if only looking at the luggage and paying attention to the master, there are times when Sa Sang does not do well, a gust of wind blows and the master disappears.

Therefore, the line that we may often hear from Sa Sang is “Big brother, second brother, master has been taken away by the demon.”

Sa Tang has a dedicated working attitude, but because of his limited practical capacity, when something happened to the company, Sa Tang could not help much, only asking for help the remaining two core members.

No matter how moderate the personality is, how good the personality is, but if there is no capacity, refuses to show it, such employees will most likely be fired first if the company wants to save costs. .

5. White Dragon Horse

Bach Long Ma is probably a relatively luxurious item in Tang Tang’s delegation, the leader’s “car” is a symbol of the leader’s wealth and background.

Why do so many owners obviously don’t have much money, but still have to take out loans to buy expensive cars? It is a social reality.

In addition, from an economic point of view, a car is a luxury item, and it is also a priceless object.

Therefore, unless the company has a serious financial crisis, Bach Long Ma will not be “handled”.

Among the four teachers and students of Tang Tang and the white horse, the one who is most easily “left behind” is probably the most honest person, Sa Tang.

The reality is always so naked, an employee without core competitiveness, no matter how honest, how hard-working, but if the value they create is limited, they will have a hard time standing out. emerged in the midst of a society full of smart and competitive people like today.

The most indispensable thing in this day and age is the unskilled workforce.

If you feel that you belong to the ranks of employees like Venerable Sa, quickly recharge your energy, give yourself a competitive edge, don’t push yourself into the situation where after many years of struggling and still not achieving success. nothing and no major breakthrough.

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