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Bitter ending for you forging parents’ signatures

Forging parents’ signatures to open a credit card, Germany appropriated more than VND 765 million from ACB. The case broke, he had to receive a heavy sentence.

On May 20, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened a first-instance trial against defendant Vu Anh Duc (35 years old, living in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) on the charge of “fraud to appropriate property”.

According to the prosecution, in 2017, Duc’s parents opened 3 savings books at Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) with a total amount of more than 600 million VND.

In September 2018, Duc contacted the staff of ACB Bank, Hang Xanh Transaction Office to open a credit card for Duc’s biological aunt, Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet, by pledging with a savings card.

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Defendant Vu Anh Duc

After that, Duc opened the card for Mrs. Tuyet and his younger sister. Seeing how easy it is to open a card, Duc also opened another card for his parents, Mr. Vu Van Ky and Ms. Tran Thi Nga. All documents and documents related to opening a credit card were forged by Germany’s signatures of parents and sisters and pledged with parents’ passbooks.

By this trick, Germany appropriated from ACB a total amount of more than 765 million dong, both principal and interest.

The case only broke when on March 25, 2019, when German parents came to withdraw their interest, they heard the bank informed that the above 3 savings books had been blocked to guarantee the issuance of 2 credit cards of the two grandparents. .

After that, Mr. Ky and Mrs. Nga had complaints about their failure to open credit cards and mortgage passbooks. The case was investigated by the police, then determined Vu Anh Duc was the subject of forging documents and signatures to appropriate ACB’s money.

At the police station and at the trial, the German defendant admitted to the whole of the crime.

Considering that the defendant’s criminal act is particularly serious, it should be strictly handled for deterrence and general prevention.

After deliberation, the trial panel decided to sentence the German defendant to 8 years in prison, and to pay more than 1.3 billion dong to ACB, including interest and principal.

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