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China proposes to start BRICS expansion

On May 19, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired an online meeting between foreign ministers of the group of emerging economies (BRICS) with the participation of foreign ministers of South Africa, Brazil, Russia and India. Degree.

Speaking at the meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China proposed the BRICS expansion process, discussed standards and procedures for membership expansion, and gradually formed a common consensus. This will help demonstrate the openness and inclusion of the BRICS countries, meet the expectations of emerging economies and developing countries, and help increase the representation and influence of the BRICS , contribute more to world peace and development.

The BRICS Foreign Ministers have supported accelerating the membership expansion process and will conduct further discussions on the matter.

Wang Yi emphasized that China adheres to the general policy of “dynamic no Covid-19” in order to prevent the spread of the disease at a fast speed and at low cost, and protect people’s lives and health. To the highest degree, minimize the impact of the epidemic on socio-economic development.

When talking about Ukraine, Mr. Wang said that the international community should gather strength to achieve peace and relevant parties should take concrete actions to cool down the conflict. China supports and wants Russia and Ukraine to overcome difficulties and continue negotiations, and calls on NATO, the EU and Russia to conduct comprehensive dialogues.

Regarding security, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that, in today’s world of interdependent nations, the pursuit of “absolute security” and “security monopoly” will not be effective. instead of confrontation with dialogue, negotiation instead of coercion, partners instead of alliances, practice true multilateralism and oppose unilateral sanctions. At the same time, implement the principle of indivisible security and promote the construction of a balanced, effective and sustainable regional security framework.

He called on BRICS countries to continue to respect independence, objectivity and fairness, speak out for peace, make efforts for peace, and support Russia and Ukraine to achieve peace through dialogue and negotiation. ./.

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