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Chinese Hackers Trying to Steal Russian Defense Secrets?

A report by a cybersecurity company claims that China There are increasingly sophisticated tactics for spying on targets, including Russian defense research agencies.

According to a new report by Check Point, an American and Israeli cybersecurity company, the team hacker Chinese government-funded agencies managed to infiltrate and steal data from research institutions specializing in airborne satellite communications, radar and electronic warfare in Russia, the newspaper reported. The New York Times reported on May 19.

These agencies are part of the military consortium Rostecone of the enterprise largest and most powerful in the Russian defense sector.

According to the report, the activity spy of China began in July 2021, before Russia sent troops to Ukraine.

Headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow

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“This is a very sophisticated attack,” said Itay Cohen, head of cyber research at Check Point, adding that the attack showed capabilities “that are often overlooked by intelligence agencies.” Only state-backed newspapers can be obtained”.

Cohen said hackers used methods and codes similar to those used in previous suspected attacks carried out by Chinese state-linked hacker groups.

For example, the hackers impersonated Ministry of Health Russia emailed a series of scientists and engineers on March 23, with the subject “list of people sanctioned by the US for the Ukraine campaign”. The hacker’s aim was to induce recipients to download attachments containing malware, Check Point reports.

The campaign against Russia’s defense research institutions “could be further evidence of the use of espionage in a long-term and systematic effort to achieve strategic goals,” the report said. China’s advantage technology and military might”.

In that effort, Chinese intelligence agencies are said to have recruited people from the tech sector, which has grown rapidly in the country over the years. This strategy makes attacks harder to predict, but it also helps Chinese spies organize hard-to-detect attacks against political and military intelligence agencies around the globe.

Russia and China have not commented on the new report.

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