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College tuition increases sharply

Hanoi Medical University has announced the level tuition for all kinds of training University and post-graduate will apply from 2022. At the undergraduate level, the highest income is the Nursing program with 3.7 million VND/month. The branches of Odonto-Stomatology, Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Preventive Medicine have a revenue of 2.45 million VND/month.

The remaining majors are Nursing, Nutrition, Ophthalmic Refraction, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Public Health with tuition fees of 1.85 million VND/month. Thus, compared to the tuition fee in 2021 of about 14.3 million VND/year, the highest increase will be about 1.7 times.

University of Economics (Ha Noi national university) announced the expected tuition fee for the 2022 enrollment course. Accordingly, next year’s tuition fee is 4.2 million VND/month, each subsequent year will increase by 200,000 VND/month. For the whole course, students entering in 2022 need to pay about 180 million VND in 4 years. Compared to the current rate applied by the school in the school year 2021-2022 of 3.5 million VND/month, the new revenue increased by 0.7-1.3 million VND/month.

The Academy of Journalism and Propaganda also proposed the tuition fee in 2022. The majors that train political theory lecturers are still exempt from tuition fees. Other majors of the mass system increased from 276,000 VND/credit (the full course program 143 credits) to 440,559 VND/credit; high-quality system increased from 771,200 VND/credit to 1,321,677 VND/credit.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology expects tuition fees according to the following levels: Standard training program, ranging from 22 to 28 million VND/year; ELiTECH program ranges from 40 – 45 million VND/year. Programs and tuition fees range from VND 50 – 60 million/year such as: Data science and artificial intelligence (IT-E10, IT-E10x); Vietnam – France Information Technology (IT-EP, IT-EPx); Logistics and Supply Chain Management (EM-E14, EM-E14x). International professional English program ranges from 45 – 50 million VND/year; International training program ranges from 55 – 65 million VND/year, TROY Program (3 semesters/year) ranges from 80 million VND/year.

In the South, a series of schools announced enrollment projects with sharply increased tuition fees. Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University is expected to collect the highest amount of 44.3 million VND/year for Medicine, Pharmacy, and Odonto-Stomatology majors. For the remaining majors, the highest tuition fee is not more than 41 million VND/year.

The member schools of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City also announced the expected tuition fee and increase schedule for each year. At Polytechnic University, students who are admitted to the mass program will pay 25 million VND/year; the following years increase to 27.5-30 million dong. This revenue increased by 2-3 million VND compared to last year.

University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City) increased tuition fees for social sciences from 16-20 million VND/student/school year; The tuition fee for language and tourism majors is from 21-24 million VND/student/school year.

Tuition fees at Universities of Technical Education, Industry, Saigon, Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Ton Duc Thang, Law, Food Industry… are expected to increase compared to previous years, on average. 3-10 million VND/year.

According to the explanation of universities, the increase in tuition fees is based on the Government’s Decree No. 81/2021/ND-CP stipulating the mechanism of collection and management of tuition fees for educational institutions under the education system. the nation and the policy of tuition fee exemption and reduction, support for study expenses; Service prices in the field of education and training, effective from October 15, 2021 (Decree 81).

According to the regulatory framework, tuition fees for all majors in 2022-2023 will increase compared to the previous year, ranging from 3-10.2 million VND/year. In which, medicine and other health sectors increased the most with 4.2-10.2 million VND/year.

With autonomous public schools, depending on the level (self-finance to ensure recurrent expenditures or self-finance of recurrent and investment expenditures), the maximum tuition fee is 2-2.5 times the upper ceiling, corresponding to the grade level. major and each academic year

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