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Doan Du has more than 200 years of internal work, if he fights against the rising god, who wins and who loses?

In the swordplay novel Thien Long Eight Bodies, writer Kim Dung has included in it a large number of masters and many top-notch martial arts. It is possible to review a few superior martial arts such as Dich Can Kinh, Nhat Duong Chi, Hang Long Ten Eight Palms, Hoa Diem Dao, Bac Minh Than Cong …

The power of internal Gong in the story of Kim Dung

According to the context of the novel, the Northern Lights cannon originated from the Tieu Dao sect invented by Tieu Dao Tu. This is an inner martial art that can absorb other people’s internal energy into one’s own. Originally, this martial art secret was discovered by Doan Du along with Lang Ba Vi Bo in the cushion of the jade statue carved by Vo Nhai Tu.

Doan Du has more than 200 years of internal work, if he fights against the rising god, who wins and who loses?  - Photo 1.

Doan Du accidentally found the secret of Bac Minh canon, so he had a profound internal work. (Photo: Baidu)

This set of secrets is copied on a silk scroll with 36 pictures of a nude girl with key points, acupressure points, postures, and facial expressions. Of the 36 paintings, each of them has pictures of colored threads running on organs, acupuncture points and practice methods.

In the Tu Tieu Dao Du page, it is written: “At the northern end there is a dark pond, that is the sky pond. There are big fish in the pond. You can never see fish for several thousand miles. If there is not enough water, there will be no fish. can carry a large boat. Pouring a cup of water into a valley, using a leaf of grass to make a boat is fine, but using a cup to make a boat is not done because the water is shallow but the boat is too big. The first is to accumulate internal force. Internal force is sufficient, martial arts in the world can all be used, like the North Sea, large boats and small boats can be carried, large fish and small fish can be used. the original, the trick is the top” and “Bac Minh canon takes the internal power of the world as its own. The great power of the North Sea does not come naturally..”

In Kim Dung’s martial arts world, internal work is the basis for high and low players when fighting. If internal attack is not enough, no matter how sophisticated the technique is, it will be useless. For example, there is Linghu Chong, who has learned the invincible sword technique called Doctrine of the Nine Swords, but because he cannot use internal techniques, martial arts are only strong on paper.

On the contrary, if the technique is not good but the internal gong is high, the practitioner can still reach the peak realm. One can mention the wild teacher Giac Vien because he accidentally learned the Nine Yang Divine Art, but his gong increased unexpectedly.

Doan Du has more than 200 years of internal work, if he fights against the rising god, who wins and who loses?  - Photo 2.

In Kim Dung’s novels, the masters are divided into high and low thanks to internal exercises. (Photo: Baidu)

From here, it can be seen that internal Gong is very difficult and takes a lot of time, if the practitioner does not put in effort, it is difficult to achieve results. However, Bac Minh canon, a martial art unlike other sects, can take away other people’s internal energy for his own use.

In Thien Long’s Eight Bodies, although Hu Truc could not learn the Northern Lights, he was taught 70 years of practice by Vo Nhat Tu. However, Hu Truc did not use Bac Minh cannon when performing moves, so the practitioner of this martial art was in fact only Doan Du. Duan Yu also did not fully cultivate the Northern Lights, he had only finished the first drawing of this secret book. Even so, Doan Du can still absorb the internal energy of some masters to make himself a great master with more than 200 years of profound internal skills.

Can Doan Du defeat Vo Danh god?

With such strong internal strength, people like Yu Guangxiao and the disciples of the Infinite Sword Sect would be better off not fighting Duan Yu. Because even someone with a strong martial arts like Cuu Ma Tri was also absorbed by Doan Du with the Northern Lights cannon. So, the question is, can Duan Yu absorb the internal power of the Anonymous monk? The answer to this question lies in the three main reasons below.

The first reason, the Northern Lights cannon is not a divine technique, it cannot absorb the special internal gong. In fact, people who want to suck other people’s internal energy need to discover their loopholes to take advantage of it to succeed. For example, in Tieu Arrogant Gypsy, when Nham Nga Hanh wanted to use the Great Law of Steaming to absorb the internal Gong of Grandmaster Phuong, but could not. Because Grandmaster Fang Cheng’s inner strength was obtained from his cultivation of the I Ching Jing Jing.

Translation balance is also the secret of martial arts placed in the Shaolin Temple’s Treasures. And this is also the martial art that Anonymous increases practice every day. Master Fang Cheng thanks to the practice of the Dich Cang Kinh, his internal strength became so profound that Nham Nga Hanh could not use the steaming technique to absorb his internal gong.

Doan Du has more than 200 years of internal work, if he fights against the rising god, who wins and who loses?  - Photo 3.

If he were to compete with the monk Wuming, it would be difficult for Duan Yu to absorb his internal energy thanks to the Northern Lights cannon. (Photo: Baidu)

According to Kim Dung’s description, Star Absorbing Dafa is an elaborate practice of drawing the opponent’s internal force into oneself. Through this, it can be seen that the Great Law of the Star and the Northern Lights have many similarities. Therefore, if the Anonymous monk had mastered the Yi Ching Jing, even if Duan Yu had a chance, he wouldn’t be able to absorb the old monk’s internal gong.

The second reason, people who practice the Northern Lights can not absorb the internal energy of masters stronger than themselves. In the Thien Long Bat Bo, there is a description of Bac Minh cannon as follows: “If the enemy’s internal force is stronger than ours, that is, the sea flows back into rivers and lakes, extremely dangerous, must be very careful”. This sentence clearly explains that if the practitioner tries to absorb the internal energy of the opponent even though that person is stronger than himself, he will explode and die. From that, it can be seen that Duan Yu absorbing the inner strength of the godless monk is like finding a way to die.

The third reason, Doan Du did not break the invisible wall of True Qi of the godless monk. It is described in the story that Doan Du wants to suck other people’s internal energy, he has to use his hand to press on their acupuncture points. However, Vo Danh Than’s martial arts increased much higher than that of Doan Du. Even if Duan Yu used the Six Vein Divine Sword, he couldn’t penetrate his invisible gas wall. Therefore, if Duan Yu wanted to use the Northern Light Cannon, there was no way to absorb the internal gong of the godless monk.

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