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Doctor Hung is a mysterious beauty in real life

Monday, May 16, 2022 09:57 AM (GMT+7)

Doctor Hung’s interruption in “Underground Storm” not only shakes the relationship of Ha Lam and Hai Trieu, but also directly affects the project they are investigating. In real life, Hai Le, who plays Doctor Hung, is counted as a handsome man with a mysterious private life.

Doctor Quach Tuan Hung – brother of drug lord Quach Dai Duc in “Underground Storm” belongs to the supporting character line but has received sympathy from many audiences for his handsome, elegant, romantic, special appearance. Hung is an honest person, far from his brother.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 1

As a younger brother, but Doctor Hung is different from Quach Dai Duc.

It is the outstanding advantages of a doctor full of enthusiasm for work, disregarding the trumpet work and burning with all his heart with Hung’s love that has attracted Ha Lam (Cao Thai Ha), making Ha Lam from considering Hung a The subject of the case gradually developed feelings for him to the point of making Hai Trieu (Ha Viet Dung) jealous.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 2

Hai Le’s handsome appearance.

In fact, Hai Le and Cao Thai Ha once had the opportunity to work together in the movie “Haunted Money”. However, Hai Le only takes on a supporting role as a guy who specializes in tricking girls to sell to Cambodia and cheating ladies to get property. The film attracted the attention of viewers nationwide. Many moviegoers “hate” this role of Hai Le, making him feel happy because he successfully portrayed the character’s “ugliness”.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 3

Cao Thai Ha and Hai Le in “Underground Storm”.

Hai Le’s real name is Le Thanh Hai, a native of Thai Binh, and was trained in acting at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. Since graduating (2012) up to now, the actor has taken on many big and small roles in more than 20 Vietnamese movies and television series.

Hai Le is not only impressed by her realistic and emotional acting, but also by her beautiful appearance. He has a masculine, angular, well-shaped face and a well-proportioned body with a height of 1.80m and a weight of 74 Kg.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 4

He has a wealth of villain roles.

In 2016, he was awarded the Asia Promising Actor Award by the General Association of Journalists and the Korea Entertainment Association. After “The Devil’s Money”, Hai Le won the hearts of the audience with the role of the second male in the movie “Bound to Love”. The character Hai Le takes on is Duc Tien – an ambitious husband. Although he did not play the main male role, his excellent incarnation in the role of Duc Tien also helped the actor born in 1989 to score points in the hearts of the audience.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 5

Hai Le received the Asian Promising Actor Award.

Hai Le’s villainous roles more or less affect the emotions of viewers, making them stormy. The proof is that after that, a lot of people kept texting and sending enough bricks and stones for him to build half a house.

Sharing about the role of Doctor Hung, actor Hai Le said: “Before receiving the invitation to participate in the movie “Underground Storm”, I knew the novel of the same name by writer Dao Trung Hieu. Because I really like this story, when I was offered the role of Doctor Hung, I felt very lucky. Hung is a different character from my previous villains, an honest, gentle, romantic and extremely sweet doctor. It can be said that this is a role with a new “color” in my career.

Doctor Hung 'Underground storm'  real life is a mysterious handsome man - 6

Hai Le and colleagues in “Underground Storm”.

That’s the career, and the love line of the handsome men similar to the appearance of these Dubai princes is still in mystery. Hai Le has never been intimate or rumored to be dating anyone. He explained: “Because I’m currently focusing on work, both art and business activities, maybe because of that, the fate came a bit late. I am still willing to wait for new roles to be able to live with my passion.”

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